Our first Penang trip

Before flying off

Presents for my 39th birthday 😍

I only wanted to get the soft cream but fat X is a sucker for free gifts (being a teochew and all that) AND la mer hardly gives away free gifts and samples.. so he literally stocked up my skincare for the next one or two years #赚到 😏

My mum’s presence was supposed to be a surprise for my cousin but I accidentally sent this photo to her and she spotted my mum in the background before I deleted the photo from the chat 😂 #fail

So anyway it was a short 4d3n vacation and we spent our first two nights at the Golden Sands Resort.

It’s a beautiful resort but the car ride from the airport to the resort made all of us car sick 😭

Luckily the beautiful rooms and the view from the rooms make up for the long and uncomfortable car ride!


The bedroom. Kiki slept on the single bed on her own and only fell off once!

Balcony overlooks the pools.. I love the view from the balcony!

My mum and the twins stayed in the next room and their balcony was to my left. 

I was shouting at them and banging on the railing to get their attention. Of course they couldn’t hear me when the sliding doors were shut. But the man to the right of my balcony definitely heard me clearly. I literally jumped when I turned around and saw someone sitting on the balcony on my right #想死 #丢脸

Another random photo of the view from our balcony

For dinner we went to this bigass food centre about 10 mins walk away from the resort AND THEY HAVE THE MOST AMAZING FOOD like fried oyster omelette, char kway teow, penang prawn mee, fried black noodles,  tasty deep fried spring rolls, BBQ seafood etc.. 

Once again I put on some of the weight that I painstakingly lost during my TR90 😭

Nevermind 我会瘦下来的!

Anyway.. look at the twins’ expressions.. #nogiveface


Three generations of 美女

This young lady obviously thinks that it’s very trendy to wear this outfit to the hotel lounge..

Check out her whole “look”. The feet cannot even touch the floor and she’s busy typing away 好像很厉害酱 😅


The indoor playground within the hotel compound is also open to public

Colourful slide!

The blue slide was the “intermediate” level. The “extreme” level is the red slide, which is almost a vertical drop!

The toddler play area also keeps non toddlers entertained!


The otaku sitting on a deck chair with his DS.

My 二姨 and I.

Also, please dun ask me why my tongue was sticking out 😂

Kiki and my nephew Sam

Sam, Junpig, and kiki 

Gurney Plaza

After two nights at the resort we moved on to Hotel G next to Gurney Plaza.

The room was very big and modern!

King sized bed was just nice for 3 little pigs! Their legs also very synchronised hor 😏

The three boys waiting patiently for the aunties and grandaunties to finish their shopping spree. The training starts young lol

The kids having fun with gel painting. Notice the helicopter dad helping his precious daughter..

A closer look at the 中风的 pikachu 😂

On the last day just before leaving for airport.. someone die die wanna try colouring an elsa pic so we went back there 😑

After elsa painting is done she can finally leave penang without any regrets 😂

That’s all for our short short trip!

P/S: Singaporeans please remember to bring along your popular card if you intend to shop at the popular bookstores across the causeway! We forgot to bring ours and did not get to enjoy the members discount 😭

Our first cruise!

Instead of splurging on a Japan trip this year we decided to go for a rest and relax cruise during the June holidays!

The cruise ship leaving from the Marina Bay Cruise Centre.

Random picture on one of the many deck chairs on the cruise.

Random photo at one of the specialty restaurants on the cruise. 

Although the cruise package price includes all meals, we decided to purchase additional dining package that allowed us to eat at any of the specialty restaurants. And IT WAS A WISE CHOICE! 

I was actually in my second month of TR90 during the trip and put on all the weight that I’ve lost in the last 6 weeks. But I HAD NO REGRETS. Because the food was so yummy and also also, I lost all the weight within 2 days after the trip hahaha!

Anyway.. 真的是西北西北好吃啦! So much so that fat X and I started dreaming of our next cruise immediately after the first one 😍

Taking a wefie outside the kids activity area.. the twins had half a day of fun there but kiki cried like a pig and refused to be deposited at the toddler care centre!

There are many parents who drop their kids off at the child activity centres while they hop onto the land tours. Lucky lucky parents! The three pigs refused to be deposited and so we were stuck with 3 otaku kids who only wanted to play inside the suite 😭

Managed to drag the two younger ones along with me to explore the ship.. this cosy little chapel is one level above the private lounge, which was one of our favourite hang-outs cos it’s not crowded at all and also happens to serve very nice fried chicken wings and other finger food!

Me with the kids 

Spent so much time on this photo that we eventually gave up and excluded kiki from our group photo 😂

I swear I will take a good one on my next cruise!

Twice a day our room attendant would leave us random towel animals! It was so fun watching out for his little surprises!

Sunset over the ocean 😍

Twins on a random morning

Phuket island!

The little boats that would take us to phuket 

View of the ship from the little boat. Yes it was a really bumpy ride!

Tried to smile for this photo even though it was really hot and stuffy and I had to piggyback a 20kg baby on my back! 😑

After phuket we had dinner at the Japanese restaurant on the cruise. 

Imho it’s more worth it to visit the chops grille and Giovanni restaurants if you do purchase the package.. hee hee.. also, do not miss the burger,  fries, and heavenly chocolate milk shake from Johnny rockets!!!

If I remember correctly it’s only like USD 9.90 per person and tastes 100 times better than shitty McDonald’s. 

When we came back from dinner we had a new friend hanging from the ceiling!

Found our way to the helicopter landing pad and gosh it was super windy there!

The front of the ship. I bet the rooms here have the best views in the ship!

On our last day we decided to leave an extra tip for our room attendant as he was so sweet!

Was very surprised to find his reply waiting for us  😍

Bye Royal Caribbean Cruise, we thoroughly enjoyed the food and chillaxing! 

P/S: I’ve already booked my next cruise lol! Just realised that I didn’t take any photos of the suite  😅 Will take more photos on the next cruise!

Staycations at FURAMA

On the twins birthday, we had our THIRD furama staycation so I figured it’s about fucking time I blogged about this hotel!

The first time we stayed at this hotel, we booked 2 separate rooms because at that time I was not aware of the family package. After our first stay, we were very impressed with the food at the Square restaurant as well as the indoor kids playground Waka Waka,  so we decided to have another staycation during the March school holidays. 

This was when I discovered the FAMILY THEME ROOMS! 

Some of the best things about the FAMILY THEME ROOMS/SUITES are:

  • Free buffet breakfast for parents and kids
  • Free buffet dinner for parents and kids
  • Free 30 mins play at Waka Waka for each day of your stay. 30 mins is not enough BUT you can get discounted tickets through the hotel for all your kids!
  • Complimentary milk 
  • Complimentary toiletries for kids. Kiki loves the free toothbrush and tooth paste. She is a true-blue teochew. 

Family Theme Room

The room we got for our second stay was pirate themed and it was freaking awesome! 

Kids went crazy over the bunk bed. I did too. Hee hee..

The room was quite cosy.. twins playing Xbox,  kiki enjoying her milk on the slouch bean bag, and fat X nuahing on the couch.. 

Family Theme Suite

For our third stay, we checked in on the twins birthday, we were offered an upgrade to a suite by topping up $80. The staff brought us to the theme room as well as the theme suite so that we could decide on which to get. 

After viewing both, we decided to upgrade since the price difference was not too big!

Kids room with the bunk bed, tv,  and Xbox 

A cute little tent by the side of the bunk bed

The main bedroom with a king sized bed and the mesh cover which we both found pretty annoying lol.

Birthday cake for the twins and cupcakes for the three kids.

Happy twins with their birthday cake. 

Pretty mummy with the three little pigs. 

After checkout, we went to the kids favourite playground – Waka Waka! 

Furama Riverfront is only 5 minutes drive from our home but someone was so tired that she fell asleep on the way back and I had to carry her back from the carpark.. this is what she did when her face hit the sofa once we reached home XD

Buffet dinner at the Square

I dun have any pictures of the restaurant or the food there.. here’s a single picture of the kids playing in the children play area (so adults can pig out without little rascals whining about being bored)

Waka waka

The legendary volcano slide!

Finally made it to the top!

Swimming pool

The hotel provides water guns for kids to play!

We brought our own baby float for kiki, loving inflated using papa’s breath lol

The children’s water slide where kiki had a lot of fun and many unflattering photos taken by me!

Ruopig 语录

(She refers to photos of me pregnant as “mummy eat the baby until tummy big big”.. so she now thinks that women with big tummies have babies inside the tummies..)

Kiki: Mummy you are the hello kitty with the baby (patting my tummy lovingly)

Cj: i do NOT have a baby now!

Kiki: but jar now I see your tummy getting big big already 

I guess it’s time to do some crunches XD

3 days of hospital visits

Day 1 – Mupig’s MRI scan

The MRI went surprisingly well!!

Initially mupig was fidgeting and sneezing and we had to redo the first 2 sets. I was very worried and told him that we may need to stay there the whole day if he didn’t lie very still.

Guess he got scared because next thing I know.. he stopped fidgeting and actually fell asleep amidst all that noise. Yes, it is possible to fall asleep despite all the noise. I accidentally dozed off and when I woke up he was already sleeping soundly.

The whole procedure took about an hour. The previous MRI took more than 2 hours so I was really happy about it! The best thing was, because there was no dye injection, the MRI only cost about a third of what I paid previously! #notsocheapthrills

After lunch, junpig and i went to the annual book fest at suntec. Felt sian that there was nothing much to buy – don’t feel like buying more things to clutter up the house.. BUT! I bought a new digital piano for myself!! Now all I need to do is throw out a thousand things so that there is space to put the piano <3

Day 2 – Kiki the merlion 

Kiki vomited multiple times in school. By the time fat X and I reached her school she had already vomited 5 times. Quickly brought her to a GP who administered a suppository to stop the vomiting. It didn’t work. Three hours later she was still vomiting and unable to tolerate any liquids. Her fever was also getting high.

So we went to the hospital AGAIN!!  

It was a long and painful 4 hours there but fortunately for us, her condition improved and the doctors released her.

The secret is to pack a hospital bag as if you are prepared to be warded. 

Cannot drink from the measuring cup but need to use a straw. If this is not 怪懒 then I dunno what it is.

Day 3 – Mupig’s MRI review + Art Science Museum 

So we went back to the hospital AGAIN! Hooray!

This time I didn’t take any pictures of the scans because they’re exactly the same as the previous one! Very relieved.. I truly believe that this is as good as it gets already 🙂

I love hospital appointments in Dec! It was my first time seeing the waiting area so empty at the CCRC.. the dental doctors even had time to talk along the corridors!!

So after the short consultation with Dr Low, we quickly moved on to our next planned activity – Art Science Museum!

Twins on the MRT

Mupig standing (somewhat reluctantly) in front of the restaurant named after him.. hahaha!

Taking a VR tour 

It was actually quite fun.. if you’re an 8 year old.

Two vain pots dressing up. 

Initially they were whining and refused to put on the various costumes when I said I wanted to take pictures of them. But after seeing all the cute little props they spent like 10 minutes trying to put on EVERYTHING available there.. 



Magnifying glass

We had a great time at the museum! Unfortunately the stuff at the cafe was so expensive that I wished it was all in ringgit.

Ruopig 语录

Right now kiki likes to say “just now… ” but it comes out as “jar now…” and it’s the cutest thing!

Mummy, this shoe is too big for me how can I wear? Jar now it dropped out”

Mummy jar now I call you mummy!

Mummy jar now where you go mummy? I cannot see you!

Assignment of the year is..

This birthday greeting which I discovered while preparing the year’s school work for recycling..

Of course if I had been a more diligent mum I would have discovered it in time for my actual birthday. But they always say it’s better late than never.. at least I got glance through their school work before recycling them  😛

The cost of an MRI..

It can buy an expensive handbag

It can buy an expensive wallet

Or a whole year’s worth of new shoes and clothes..

But I hope it buys me a peace of mind 🙂

Mupig + Junpig 语录

So today we were at a coffeeshop when 3 elderly Indian ladies started to chat them up..

I caught Junpig telling them that “I am very good in my studies”.. so after the ladies left I reminded him to be humble. He didn’t know what it means and Mupig explained that “when you are humble you are not proud”.. then Junpig asked me a tough one “why must we learn to be humble?”

I didn’t know how to answer that so fat x suggested telling them about the story of Redhill.

So I did and guess what? 1. They knew about the story and completed it for me. 2. Junpig nonchalantly declared that it’s not a true story because the soil is red due to the presence of iron oxide, not because of the little boy’s blood. 3. Mupig added that the Sultan was a barbarian.