butcher’s aprons

mini men have been obsessed with “masak masak” (cooking) toys for the longest time, so it’s about time for them to own their own aprons.


matching mini aprons


i made some pockets for them, because a chef needs multiple pockets to carry his tools. irl, mr mupig carries his toy cars in the pockets X’D


oops! the aprons seem a little too short for them.. tb says they look like 卖猪肉的 (butchers). i can always count on him to give such unique feedback.

my first t-shirt!

everybody! say HI! to my first ever home-sewn t-shirt!

why do i sew t-shirt when i can buy it for cheap? because i can.

actually it’s because i was really bored (>m<)


neckline finished with bias tape.

armholes finished with fabric band — sorry, i have no idea how to describe it. it’s basically a long strip of fabric folded into half lengthwise. the two ends are then stitched together to form a circle that is as big as the armhole. the whole thing is then sewn onto the armhole.

see? that’s how good i am in explaining things X’D


close-up of the neckline — i love the red polka-dots bias tape so much! it reminds me of minnie mouse X’D

speaking of minnie mouse, i’ve been busy collecting the reds and hot pinks from OPI’s Minnie collaborations. red nails are awesome :’D


the material is very cheap and thin. i’ll probably wear this to sleep!

for my own future reference, i used the following settings on my sewing machine:

  • Stitch type: zigzag stitch
  • length: 2
  • width: 4

this combination seems to be able to hold the stretch pretty well 🙂

floral sleeveless top

when you live in a country that feels like a sauna all year round, you can never have too many sleeveless tops. right?


it’s a plain sleeveless top with a small pleat at the neckline, perfect for those humid summer days when your armpits need some airing :’D


meanwhile, check out the lovely print <3


neckline and armholes finished using bias tape.


no raw seams inside. because i like the insides to look as good as the outside. and also because i don’t want to be caught with raw edges in my home-made garments.


i love the print so much. unfortunately this just looks like a pyjamas top once i put it on >m<

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things i absolutely hate about sewing

although i love sewing, there are some things that really make me go ARGHHHHH~ when i am sewing..

  1. running out of bobbin thread just when you are like a few stitches away from completing an item, especially when it is a row of top-stitching.
  2. having to unpick a neat row of top-stitching because of 1)
  3. having to unpick for whatever reason
  4. the machine breaking down when you’re halfway done, or worse, when you’re almost done.
  5. running out of thread in the middle of a project when it’s 3am in the morning
  6. using pins. pins. pins. especially those that end up poking through your skin. ouch.

these are just some of the thing that actually happened to me in this week.

oh man, what a week!

men’s shirt re-fashion


a boring men’s shirt in a lovely shade of pale peachy pink.

i cut off the sleeves, collar, and side seams and turned it into a breezy tank top for myself!


the back of the shirt now becomes the front of the blouse


and the front of the shirt is now the back of the blouse. the neck opening is big enough for my head so the buttons are mainly there for my husband to undress me on a hot night fun and laughter.


the neckline is finished using my favourite 80-cents bias tape X’D maybe i should replace the original buttons with something more interesting?


for some reason, i really like sleeveless tops with pleats at the front X’D


check out my neat stitches as well as awesome red nails :’D

20130416_07 SONY DSC

here’s some awful modeling pictures for you. please pardon my crazy hair and flabby arms.

unfortunately, although i am happy with this blouse, the fit is still a little off because it is too tight around my armpits.. 该减肥了~

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finally.. something i can wear!!!

i started this top more than a year ago — yes, you did not read wrongly, that is how sloooooow and unmotivated i was. the fabric is very thin and no matter how i tried i couldn’t get the tension right. i think it’s a difficult fabric for an inexperienced sewing machine user (i refuse to call myself sewer) like me.

[edit – oh thanks to The Great British Sewing Bee Ep01, now i know that this fabric is called seersucker! anything with suck in it can’t be easy eh?]


it’s a simple top which has undergone at least ten rounds of fitting so it fits me perfectly now :’D

i started off with a square top but the sleeves jutted out in an unflattering manner, so i sloped the shoulders. then the armholes looked weird so i curved it in until it fits me. then i had to tackle the lower half of the thing acting weird.. and meanwhile my boys started talking in sentences and were toilet-trained.. my elder boy went for a brain surgery and recovered.. and after shedding many tears of frustration etc blah blah blah.. and more than a year later, this blouse was finally finished :’D <– i can shed a single happy tear now!


i love the print! why else would i buy something that is so difficult to work with!


random photo of this pretty necklace. i think i bought it for a company DnD many years ago and have not worn it since.. heh..


the neckline was finished using 60cents bias tape thingy i bought from Chinatown. i don’t like making my own bias tape >m<


little slits at the sides.. because i am planning to wear this baby to a buffet lunch this sunday!

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lots of lips!

the conversation


mupig: WHAT? mommy made more cushion covers? are they scary-looking?


junpig: don’t worry gor.. this time, she didn’t use the fabric with scary-looking errie eyes to make them!


mupig: STOP IT! i don’t wanna look at cushion covers again! i don’t care if they’re eyes or lips or any other body parts!! >m<

the new covers


i love this photo so much!! these lips totally match my bedroom wall!


perfect corners! no wonder some people say i should’ve been a virgo instead of leo.. lol!


the overlapped portion is re-inforced with close zigzag stitches.

as the dimension of the lips is far too big for my cushions, i had to cut based on the design instead of based on the dimension of the cushions. after completing the basic cushion cover, i then stitched around the cover, about 5-6cm from the edge so that the cushion fits snug.

few more random pictures below..


lalala ~

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afternoon sewing – tissue case with flap

more scrap-buster projects! these are just prototypes of a tissue case which i wanted to try making. the dimension is still a little off because i do not have enough fabric and have to  sew using a smaller seam allowance. of course i ended up with a pouch that is too short for a standard packet of tissue paper -__-///


the pattern uses 3 separate pieces of fabrics 26 x 14, 2325+ x 14, and 19 x 14. dimensions are in cm. seam allowance is 1cm. i think it could be achieved using one single strip of fabric as well (64 x 14 in case the math is too tough for you X’D).


what i like about this pattern is that there is a separate pocket to store your handkerchief.


since good things come in pairs, i made two identical ones. actually the real reason is i have enough scraps to make two, so why not?


hippos are definitely not my idea of 美, but i think these will look lovely in prettier fabric combinations!

afternoon sewing..

last wednesday night, i was about to conclude my hypothesis that people who are not working do not fall sick that often. so i celebrated my great discovery with half a can of potato chips. that very night i felt a large painful lump at the right side of my throat. the pain worsened throughout the night and i had to see the doctor the next morning (>m<)

i had tonsillitis ToT

so much for my great hypothesis.

anyway yesterday night i was hit with a sudden attack of body ache. you know, the type of pain that extends from the base of your skull all the way to your feet. even my ribs hurt.

so instead of resting today, i took out my floral linen and began to cut cut cut in the morning.. and i sewed sewed sewed in the afternoon when mupig was having his nap.

these took so little time that i was able to nap for 2 hours after i finished up the sewing X’D


i ended up with a zippered pouch and two mini pouches (the mini pouches are meant for sanitary pads). i made 3-4 of these sanitary pouches before perfecting the dimensions and now that i have the “perfect” dimensions on paper, i can keep making them until i grow sick of them X’D


good things come in pairs (e.g. boobs and twins)


i used cotton for the interior fabrics


i was trying to use fabric-covered zipper ends for this pouch but the corners still didn’t turn out right :'(


the interior fabric is cotton


the base turned out really neat though *smug*


do you have any idea on how to improve this? the corner is too bulky and i tried very hard but couldn’t make it into a sharp 90-degrees corner. in the end, it’s a bit slanted.. TuT


the happy trio <3 (last family shot before i give them away.. )

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tiny blouse

i made a tiny blouse on friday night. i used a very soft cotton and thought that it would be good for making clothing for babies and children. but this fabric creased like nobody’s business after i washed it. i spent some time ironing it and concluded that this might not be a good fabric for making baby clothing.

which mummy has the time to iron all these tiny clothes?


from this photo, you can tell that i’m not very good at ironing.. haha..


there’s a cute ribbon at the back.


coming up with the draft was tough because i don’t have any baby clothes at home. i could only use my imagination when drafting the pattern.

the first prototype i made was so big that it could fit junpig (>m<)

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