someone who made me roll my eyes

today i was waiting for the MRT with mr mupig when he kept asking me about this poster that was telling commuters to stand behind the lines and not directly in front of the doors.

because if everyone at the platform were to cluster-fuck around the doors then commuters inside the train would have some problems getting out. simple enough for a three-year old to understand.

just after i finished explaining to him, an ah soh in her fifties walked straight to the doors and stood there while she waited for the train. the observant mupig immediately pointed at her and asked me “妈咪!那个人在做什么?可以站在那边吗?” (mummy, what is that person doing? is it right to stand over there?). he did so in his usual signature loud voice, so naturally she heard him loud and clear (>m<)

my embarrassment immediately vanished when the thick-skinned auntie looked at mupig and told him “哈哈哈,小孩子不可以,大人可以!” (hahaha, kids are not allowed to do this, but when an adult does this, it is perfectly fine.)


i hope she does not have any contact with young children and pass on the wrong values to them. some things can take decades to unlearn.

cesarean or natural birth? it’s a personal choice

so stop piling on the guilt on mothers who chose to go for cesarean.

going through the pregnancy is a big sacrifice for any woman – nausea and vomitting is a big issue for people who love eating, being fat and bloated is a big issue for people who love their toned abs, being hot and sweaty all the time is a big issue for peasants like me who need to get around using public transport (this means eco-friendly* buses and trains), being wrinkly in the tummy is a big issue for exhibitionists who enjoy prancing around in bikinis etc etc.. so a mother really does not need to prove her love further by having a natural birth sans pain-relieving options.

the vagina is hers, let her decide if she wants it to be cut. the cut will definitely heal faster than a nasty cesarean wound, but if you have the urge to move your bowels on the second or third day after giving birth, then you know which is the better option.

p/s: i was grinning ear-to-ear while taking a dump 2 days after delivering my twins via c-section.

*eco-friendly trains: when i went to Tokyo last summer, i was pleasantly-surprised by the amount of effort put in by shops/subway stations/trains in conserving energy. for a city with  summer temperatures hitting 37 degrees celsius, it is heart-warming to see people putting up with minimum air-conditioning for the sake of conserving energy. back in singapore, the island with temperate climate indoors and tropical climate outdoors, i realize that the only eco-friendly companies are the transport companies (actually it’s only SMRT). so far, i have only encountered eco-friendly SMRT trains and buses >m<

uniquely singapore: public housing

wow, a 5-room HDB flat has been sold for a whopping $945,000!

this is the cost of public housing in singapore. it’s tragic the way things are today.

thinking back, i still find it unbelievable that i actually managed to buy my unit for $392,000 6 years ago. based on the latest transaction figures for my block, the price of my flat has doubled now. many hopeful property agents have been sending me flyers and elaborate letters (i wish they sent flowers and chocolates instead), or occasionally calling me on my house phone to ask me if i wanted to sell my flat. sometimes they even turn up at my door to find out if i’m interested in selling. i once joked that i would sell my flat if someone offers me 1 million dollars for it. now i’m worried that that day is going to come soon >m<;

many people have urged me to sell my flat now that the price is good. i often have to remind them that in the current property market, i would most probably end up paying the same price for another unit; unless i move to an ulu part of the island and give up on the convenience of staying in town area.

the only way i can benefit from this is when i sell off the property and get a one-way ticket out of this place.

like what the PRs do after they’re done with us.