tiny blouse

i made a tiny blouse on friday night. i used a very soft cotton and thought that it would be good for making clothing for babies and children. but this fabric creased like nobody’s business after i washed it. i spent some time ironing it and concluded that this might not be a good fabric for making baby clothing.

which mummy has the time to iron all these tiny clothes?


from this photo, you can tell that i’m not very good at ironing.. haha..


there’s a cute ribbon at the back.


coming up with the draft was tough because i don’t have any baby clothes at home. i could only use my imagination when drafting the pattern.

the first prototype i made was so big that it could fit junpig (>m<)

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4 comments on “tiny blouse

  1. Donna on said:

    This is a darling blouse. I love the pleats on the front and the tie at the back. I can see where the ironing would not be practical, but this would make up very nicely in a jersy knit. Quick to make and easy to wear for a little one. Thanks for sharing. We would love for you to visit us @onceuponasewingmachine.com

  2. Hollie on said:

    How sweet… I love the tiny tucks!