uniquely singapore: public housing

wow, a 5-room HDB flat has been sold for a whopping $945,000!

this is the cost of public housing in singapore. it’s tragic the way things are today.

thinking back, i still find it unbelievable that i actually managed to buy my unit for $392,000 6 years ago. based on the latest transaction figures for my block, the price of my flat has doubled now. many hopeful property agents have been sending me flyers and elaborate letters (i wish they sent flowers and chocolates instead), or occasionally calling me on my house phone to ask me if i wanted to sell my flat. sometimes they even turn up at my door to find out if i’m interested in selling. i once joked that i would sell my flat if someone offers me 1 million dollars for it. now i’m worried that that day is going to come soon >m<;

many people have urged me to sell my flat now that the price is good. i often have to remind them that in the current property market, i would most probably end up paying the same price for another unit; unless i move to an ulu part of the island and give up on the convenience of staying in town area.

the only way i can benefit from this is when i sell off the property and get a one-way ticket out of this place.

like what the PRs do after they’re done with us.


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