my week in pictures

the new obsession


my latest love –> glitter polish with jelly base!

after doing a lot of research online, i finally set my eyes on Tony Moly GS08, GS09, GS10!

i only paid SGD12.90 for a set of three colours (the other set is for my fellow polish-addict) but i was slightly disappointed when the seller gave me three bottles of GS10 and only one bottle of GS09. *sulks*


i was wearing 2 coats of OPI Glints of Glinda when the package arrived so i just applied GS09 and GS10 directly on top of it X’D i think GS09 and GS10 actually becomes indistinguishable on the nails, but the glitter for GS09 is much prettier and for some reason the glitters in GS10 refuse to leave the brush TuT


since i had nothing to do, i removed my polish and swatched again to see how these would look like without a base colour. hmmm, i actually like how these colours look on their own.

also, notice how pathetic the glitters on GS10 are!

also, while women my size wish for bigger boobies, i actually wish for bigger nails. yes, i’ve always admired women with bigger nails, i’m sure it feels nicer to paint on large nails!

so, my secret ambition is to paint the hubby’s nails while he’s sleeping. not that i haven’t done it before, heh..

the girlfriends


one rare photo of the girls and me. unfortunately, kummie was late and didn’t make it into this rare photo. next time, we must aim to take more photos of the human beings instead of the food X’D

the family


kids love bubbles and these are the perfect birthday party favours for mini people!


the twin pigs love their bubbles so much!


finally, someone is no longer afraid of the “eyes pillow” and actually says “i wanna hug it to sleep“. two days later, someone’s twin brother also declared that he is brave enough to hug the pillow.

which leaves me with no choice but to threaten using the mighty old cane again..


sesame salad dressing – the magic potion that made the hubby eat his greens! i say, it’s miracle in a bottle!


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