my week in pictures


OPI – The Color of Minnie is pure love. It applies like butter and is opaque in ONE coat. no kidding!


my Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment and Deep Repair Masque finally arrived this week! i haven’t tried the hair masque (it smells divine!) but the oil does a decent job in taming my frizzy lion mane :’D


the little fella in the lower-right corner is saying “靠!这么紧你也笑得出来!”

this shirt is a FAIL — i can’t wear it because it is like a push-up bra for my armpits  -_-||


self-shot of moi wearing the first wearable top i made :’D

i grade this a B! *dances*


mupig and me on our way to MRT station <3

yeah i know.. 这样也好拍?i’ve been deprived of a camera phone for waaaay too many years so i just snap snap snap whenever i feel like it :’D


this week, the haze was so bad that i sometimes feel like i’m living in some Chinese city… sobs..


the KFC Double Down Max “burger” is essentially a slice of bacon, a hashbrown, a slice of cheese sandwiched between two slabs of greasy deep-fried chicken. fat X says that it is a dream come true for all men. 原来男人的梦想是这么容易实现的!


hot macha latte with some sweet mochi-like sweet made with flour. the macha latte is nice <3


this is how i look like in the eyes of my 3-year-old son — bald, with one ear and no mouth..

but i’m secretly happy when he told me he drew me because “我喜欢妈咪” :’D

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