hazy skies

bloody indonesians have done it again.

we have been putting up with their selfish act for more than a decade.

the earliest episode i remember was during 1997, when i was still studying at Hwa Chong Junior College (now Hwa Chong Institute). it was also the worst episode if i remember correctly. at that time, a few of us had a shock when we came out of our classrooms located at the “left wing” of the main building, because the “right wing” looked like it was engulfed in some misty, hazy smoke. The two “wings” were less than 50 metres apart

( ̄□ ̄;)

PSI reading at that time was like 200-ish?

this year, the haze was so bad that the PSI reading was “record-breaking” for three consecutive days from the reading of 321 on Wednesday (19 June) night to 401 on Friday (21 June) afternoon.

check out how eeriely empty the road looked on Friday afternoon.


this picture below shows the view from my window on 20 June (PSI 300-ish?)


on 22 June, the PSI reading dropped to below 100, and the view from my window became so..


on 22 June, for the first time in more than a week, Singaporeans were able to catch a glimpse of the blue sky..


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