fixing a stained hem

on 8 June 2013, one of my best friends got married.

it was such a happy occasion and for some reason, i wanted to celebrate it by painting my nails red about 30 minutes before leaving the house. what was i thinking? seriously.

anyway, my best friend, Murphy, turned up uninvited and sent the nail polish brush flying off from my trembling hand onto the hem of my dress, before dropping on my white tiled floor.

definitely not the best thing to happen when one is about to leave the house to attend a wedding dinner.

and definitely not the best situation to be in when one has packed all of one’s formal dresses into boxes and are only left with that single dress good enough to wear to a formal dinner.

oh, well.

i survived the dinner by pulling out a white lace dress that did not require any ironing. but isn’t white the most inappropriate colour to wear to a wedding? ok, whatever.

so i was left with a perfectly fine dress that was stained with red nail polish that could not be lightened/removed.


being a frugal housewife, this was also like my “default” dress whenever i had to attend weddings so i was really reluctant to throw it away just because of a small but obvious stain at the hem.


close-up of the stain. gross, isn’t it?


after some magic with the sewing machine, the hem is now shortened and the stain hidden inside the new sewing seam. gosh, am i a genius or what?


this is a view of the inside of the hem. there is no magic involved. i merely pinched the hem inwards and sewed a line very close to the original stitches so that when viewed from the right side, it still looks the same (but shorter).

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