summer’s first dress and my new Brother!

so while mupig was fighting against some unknown stomach virus this week, i nearly went crazy staying up EVERY NIGHT wiping his burning head and neck with peppermint water. instead of resting during the day, i chose to download the baby geranium pattern and ending up making a newborn dress for baby summer. i guess when you’re pregnant, you have somewhat different priorities?

the fabric is a light double-gauze fabric i bought from Japan last July

i was too tired when making the dress and only realized that the gathers were distributed unevenly after the dress was completed *sobs*

pearl snap buttons are from Spotlight

this is the only exposed seam in the whole dress!

behold, raw edges were finished using zig-zag stitch…

this might be the last time i’m using the overlock foot to finish my raw edges because…


I FINALLY BOUGHT AN OVERLOCK MACHINE! i can’t believe i actually waited this long to get one. it takes more time to thread (still, it only took me ~5 minutes to thread all 4 spools leh) and the swinging knife looks scary when the machine is operating at full-speed but IT IS A FREAKING AWESOME MACHINE! so if you’re still sitting on the fence about it, mai tu liao.. get one now!

now my only problem is i don’t have much things to sew XD

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