my word of 2013 – contentment

it’s a little late for this, considering that it’s already mid-February, but i have finally picked a guiding word for this year — contentment.

i know i have been blessed in so many ways — great health, loving spouse, happy and healthy children, supportive family members, wonderful colleagues, a well-paying job.

this year, i will be more aware of how blessed i actually am. instead of taking everything for granted, i will start counting my blessings. i will give thanks for each day i have with my children. i will treasure every moment with them.

i will learn to be content because i already have what i need, what more can i ask for? 🙂

One thought on “my word of 2013 – contentment

  1. Your post inspired me. I gotta learn to count my blessings too. To a great snake year ahead! ^^

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