Another baby dress


Erm yes. . The dress in the previous post was a muslin for this dress! Also, I need to work on my ironing skills.

And I think I was really in the mood today because I made both in a day! You see.. it was rainy and all the kids were napping while i was stepping furiously on the pedal. So yay for rainy days!!

How clever of me to hang the dress on a cane hor.. hee hee..

The top of the skirt is completely concealed within the bodice and the seams are selvage edges so there was no need to finish any edges!

I used elastic to pull the skirt together and I think I will never use the normal “pull the thread and gather the fabric” method again. That method always makes me swear but this elastic method? It is fast and easy and it does not make me swear so it’s good 😀

If you find this fabric a little familiar, it’s because I used it for this tiny blouse last year (before I was pregnant with the babe). And if you’re wondering what happened to that blouse..


The babe wore it for about a month before she outgrew it. That’s what I dun like about woven fabric (besides being wrinkly), it doesn’t stretch so when the baby has grown fatter the clothes have to go 🙁

Despite everything, it was a comfortable blouse as the cotton was light and soft.


See? It was so comfortable that she could even sleep in it 😉

Anyway my new camera (sony alpha 5000) arrived today and it is AWESOME.  I can now send the photos directly to my phone for blogging. love love love!

Also love the WordPress app which I have been using for a few months now :’D

Life’s good!

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