my first t-shirt!

everybody! say HI! to my first ever home-sewn t-shirt!

why do i sew t-shirt when i can buy it for cheap? because i can.

actually it’s because i was really bored (>m<)


neckline finished with bias tape.

armholes finished with fabric band — sorry, i have no idea how to describe it. it’s basically a long strip of fabric folded into half lengthwise. the two ends are then stitched together to form a circle that is as big as the armhole. the whole thing is then sewn onto the armhole.

see? that’s how good i am in explaining things X’D


close-up of the neckline — i love the red polka-dots bias tape so much! it reminds me of minnie mouse X’D

speaking of minnie mouse, i’ve been busy collecting the reds and hot pinks from OPI’s Minnie collaborations. red nails are awesome :’D


the material is very cheap and thin. i’ll probably wear this to sleep!

for my own future reference, i used the following settings on my sewing machine:

  • Stitch type: zigzag stitch
  • length: 2
  • width: 4

this combination seems to be able to hold the stretch pretty well 🙂

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