Mini break ~ week 4 T_T

So this is the last week of my hospitalization leave, I am seriously gonna miss my daily naps T_T


School stationery for the kids.

I seriously need to kick the habit of buying every new mechanical pencil I like XD I mean it seems like mechanical pencils have become the new nail polish for me >_<

Do I need brush pens? No.

Do I know how to use brush pens? Also no.

Should I buy them? Why not?

My $100 “la mer” coloured pencils <3

Some say these are like the Rolls Royce in the coloured pencils world. At about $4.50 per piece, I wouldn’t deny that ^_^;;

Also, I learned that expensive pencils doesn’t make me draw better :'(


Didn’t really draw this week because I was busy testing out the different coloured pencils hee hee..

Swatches of all the colours in my FC Polychromos box!
I dunno what to say except I hate it.
Caran Luminance vs FC Polychromos.
Swatches of the colours. I need to level up my blending skills!
Irojiten on normal sketchbook paper
Irojiten on the “3 for $2” daiso notebook paper


It started with these..

needed pencil pouches for my pilot eno and loose stock coloured pencils. Although my pilot eno pencils had a nice little home in the form of a daiso acrylic drawer, my irojiten loose pencils were just lying homelessly inside my drawer.

This fits my irojiten loose pencils with room to spare *ahem*
And this for my favourite pilot eno mechanical pencils, if I need to bring them out ^_^;
At home, they live in this little daiso acrylic drawer!
And for some reason, I bought more waterproof fabrics ^_^;;

What to do? Make more pouches lah! The most practical thing to make is the basic pouch without zippers (because I would have sewn more pencil pouch if I had better zippers lying at home!).

Then a while ago I also bought some mahjong fabrics.. so…

Initial prototypes
6 bra-shaped masks
6 seamless masks!

The mahjong masks are for my mum and 5 aunties.. the legendary mahjong sisters <3

I’m going back to work next week so I guess I’ll blog again in another 6 months or a year!