Mupig 语录

Cj: my bonus is so terrible this year, especially with my pay cut. I think the only way to make things better is a promotion and pay raise

Mupig: yah mummy. But the chances of you getting promoted are literally less than zero right?

Cj: thanks for the encouragement, dude. 😒

3 days of hospital visits

Day 1 – Mupig’s MRI scan

The MRI went surprisingly well!!

Initially mupig was fidgeting and sneezing and we had to redo the first 2 sets. I was very worried and told him that we may need to stay there the whole day if he didn’t lie very still.

Guess he got scared because next thing I know.. he stopped fidgeting and actually fell asleep amidst all that noise. Yes, it is possible to fall asleep despite all the noise. I accidentally dozed off and when I woke up he was already sleeping soundly.

The whole procedure took about an hour. The previous MRI took more than 2 hours so I was really happy about it! The best thing was, because there was no dye injection, the MRI only cost about a third of what I paid previously! #notsocheapthrills

After lunch, junpig and i went to the annual book fest at suntec. Felt sian that there was nothing much to buy – don’t feel like buying more things to clutter up the house.. BUT! I bought a new digital piano for myself!! Now all I need to do is throw out a thousand things so that there is space to put the piano <3

Day 2 – Kiki the merlion 

Kiki vomited multiple times in school. By the time fat X and I reached her school she had already vomited 5 times. Quickly brought her to a GP who administered a suppository to stop the vomiting. It didn’t work. Three hours later she was still vomiting and unable to tolerate any liquids. Her fever was also getting high.

So we went to the hospital AGAIN!!  

It was a long and painful 4 hours there but fortunately for us, her condition improved and the doctors released her.

The secret is to pack a hospital bag as if you are prepared to be warded. 

Cannot drink from the measuring cup but need to use a straw. If this is not 怪懒 then I dunno what it is.

Day 3 – Mupig’s MRI review + Art Science Museum 

So we went back to the hospital AGAIN! Hooray!

This time I didn’t take any pictures of the scans because they’re exactly the same as the previous one! Very relieved.. I truly believe that this is as good as it gets already 🙂

I love hospital appointments in Dec! It was my first time seeing the waiting area so empty at the CCRC.. the dental doctors even had time to talk along the corridors!!

So after the short consultation with Dr Low, we quickly moved on to our next planned activity – Art Science Museum!

Twins on the MRT

Mupig standing (somewhat reluctantly) in front of the restaurant named after him.. hahaha!

Taking a VR tour 

It was actually quite fun.. if you’re an 8 year old.

Two vain pots dressing up. 

Initially they were whining and refused to put on the various costumes when I said I wanted to take pictures of them. But after seeing all the cute little props they spent like 10 minutes trying to put on EVERYTHING available there.. 



Magnifying glass

We had a great time at the museum! Unfortunately the stuff at the cafe was so expensive that I wished it was all in ringgit.

Assignment of the year is..

This birthday greeting which I discovered while preparing the year’s school work for recycling..

Of course if I had been a more diligent mum I would have discovered it in time for my actual birthday. But they always say it’s better late than never.. at least I got glance through their school work before recycling them  😛

The cost of an MRI..

It can buy an expensive handbag

It can buy an expensive wallet

Or a whole year’s worth of new shoes and clothes..

But I hope it buys me a peace of mind 🙂

Mupig + Junpig 语录

So today we were at a coffeeshop when 3 elderly Indian ladies started to chat them up..

I caught Junpig telling them that “I am very good in my studies”.. so after the ladies left I reminded him to be humble. He didn’t know what it means and Mupig explained that “when you are humble you are not proud”.. then Junpig asked me a tough one “why must we learn to be humble?”

I didn’t know how to answer that so fat x suggested telling them about the story of Redhill.

So I did and guess what? 1. They knew about the story and completed it for me. 2. Junpig nonchalantly declared that it’s not a true story because the soil is red due to the presence of iron oxide, not because of the little boy’s blood. 3. Mupig added that the Sultan was a barbarian.



Why do weekends always feel shorter than 2 days but the weekdays always feel longer than 5 days!!! 😧😧😧

Mupig 语录

Cj: can I give this crab stick to you? I don’t really like it..

Mupig: ok mummy. What do I have to give you in return?

Cj: how about your undying love?

Mupig: ok mummy. But remember my love for you will decrease when you scold me.

Cj: 😒

LEGOLAND and Hello Kitty Town Staycation 

Over the weekend, we brought the twins for a 4d3n staycation at Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour

Day 1 – Chillax

We arrived at around noon and there was absolutely nothing to do. We had lunch at the Japanese restaurant  (spoiler: the food was not great) and went to explore the area while waiting for the room to be ready.

It turns out that at this Puteri Harbour place, one can actually have lunch, cover two levels of shops and restaurants, browse at 3 different stores, and buy some cute stuff.. all in under 2 hours. Amazing!

It was barely 2PM when we finished exploring the surroundings so we went back to the hotel lobby, the boys were happy to play with the iMac terminals while I pretended to be a selfie-crazy China tourist (hint: it works mainly because I look very chinese and I speak Mandarin with an unbelievably authentic accent.)

Selfie with one of the big bears in the hotel lobby

The things I bought on the first day.. the Chococat bag is like all my bag dreams come true! It’s small, in a neko shape, and is a cross-body bag! Unfortunately, it is a little too short for me even if I extend the strap fully but that’s not the deal breaker. The 致命伤 is.. I can’t even fit my phone into the bag TuT

Sorrow of sorrows.. I have to gift this bag to kiki instead.. #FML

Day 2 – Legoland

Day 2 was the twins birthday and we took the free shuttle bus from the hotel to the theme park.

At the ticketing booth, I informed the staff that it was the twins’ birthday and asked if there was any special passes for the birthday kids.

And… Each birthday boy got a birthday badge, a VIP pass that allowed the whole family to skip the queue for one activity/ride, and a minifig keychain!

Happy boys with their free gifts !

The 免排队 VIP cards and mini fig keychain

Posing with random thingy

Riding the boat with mupig

Riding the boat with junpig.

Waiting for the ninjago show to start.

It might be birthday luck. For all the shows that we caught,  we always happened to pass by the venue like 5 minutes before show time. So we didn’t really waste much time queuing and waiting for the shows.

Another miracle was.. the weatherman predicted rain so I was armed with 4 ponchos but we didn’t have to use them at all. While queuing for the train ride around the park, it started to rain. And the rain actually stopped when the train ride ended!

Quite apparent that the Universe loves us X’D

Posing with ninja

Happy boys after winning plashes at one of the game stalls

Mupig riding a horse. He actually believed that he was making the horse move. Because the park was not so crowded on that day, there were one or two horses that were empty and Mupig said excitedly “Look! That horse is moving on its own!”

Yeah, right. The horse ride is totally powered by your human butt.

Junpig on the horse

[Insert clever caption here]

Taking a selfie on the observation tower. I know. I know.. it doesn’t matter where the selfie is taken because all you see if our happy faces and there is hardly any background X’D

In front of the Riverside Point at the mini world.

The mini world is AWESOME! But I feel so heart pain to see all the plastic being under the sun 24/7.. some of the colours have faded too.. sad..

Random selfie after our 5PM afternoon snack. The park closes at 7PM but at around 5PM, almost everything was sold out 🙁

Anyway we managed to catch the 7PM bus back to the hotel (when we made a booking for 7.30PM bus.. heehee..) and had a fantastic dinner a Kenny Rogers!

It was the last day of 1-for-1 promo at Kenny Rogers. Each set consists of quarter chicken with 3 sides and a muffin, costing MYR24.90. Meaning we had 2 sets for around SGD8! How to beat that! Also, chicken generally tastes better in Malaysia. I dunno what wizardry this is.. but it’s like the chicken is more tender and does not have the funky smell/taste of frozen chicken.

Day 3 – Hello Kitty Town and Thomas Town

This is actually like 1 minute walk from the hotel lobby lol

One does not walk past Bad Badtz Maru without taking a picture

Twins in a teacup!

Pretty mummy and handsome boys <3

Decorating HK cookies. Mupig conducts QC at regular intervals by placing the chocolate chips into his mouth to ensure that they are fresh and not poisonous.

Me with my cookie!

Mr X with his cookie

Junpig with his cookie

QC manager with his cookie

Acting like I’m very good at playing the piano

This bed… <3<3<3

With my favourite Sanrio character – KUROMI!!! Unfortunately, the photographer (MR X) took from a lousy angle and didn’t manage to capture KUROMI.

Anyways.. next activity.. using iron-bond beads to make a HK keychain!

First to start.. last to finish..

Guess which one was mine?

The badges that we designed. Can you guess the designers of each badge?

So after we completed all the HK activities, we went upstairs to Level 2 (more for smaller kids) and Level 3 (with more rides and more fun!)

The boys just went crazy in the playground at Level 3. They made friends with a bunch of boys and basically went around playing loudly , scaring all the younger kids. Charming!

Selfie in front of the garden

One last photo before leaving

HK Town closes at 5PM so Junpig went for a dip in the pool before dinner

We had dinner at Old Town and decided to rent one of the human-powered Volkswagon vehicles to play.

Warning – it is not easy to get that thing moving fast when you have 2 passengers weighing almost 60kg but not contributing to the pedal effort. In the end, normal walking human beings overtook us.. oh the embarrassment!

Day4 – Home Sweet Home

After a good breakfast at Starbucks, we did some last minute shopping at the HK shop (it’s my birthday after all!)

A desk fan for my office desk. Because why would I use an ordinary one when I can get a pink sanrio fan? Also, this one has 3 fan speeds, and an oscillating function.

And Mr X bought ANOTHER bag for kiki. When I complained that kiki (who is only 3 years old) has more bags than me, X said “标紧啦!江紫她才可以有很多选择嘛!”


See? The chococat bag is smaller than a toddler backpack. Wtf was I thinking? It was never meant to be.. TuT

[Insert smooth transition paragraph here]

So anyway, I requested for the driver to bring us to my mum’s place to pick up kiki and she was SO HAPPY to see us that she couldn’t stop talking. She literally talked all the way from bukit panjang to bukit merah! X’D

Me and my products

Happy girl eating her HK cookie

ok I’m really dying from fatigue here..

Happy 38th birthday to me!

you learn something new about your kids everyday

Mupig gave me a new nickname today. He called me the EOP – Enemy of Pigs because apparently I am buying TOO MUCH PORK for the family and it endangers the lives of innocent pigs. Junpig then commented that he wished I was EOFC – Enemy of Fried Chicken so that we could have more fried chicken for our meals.

Children, I AM an enemy of fried chicken. I just eat all of it on my own because I know how unhealthy it is. 妈妈还是最伟大的!

Then I asked junpig about his library fine. He estimated the fine to be about $3+ but I only give him  $2 allowance each day. So naturally I was puzzled about how he managed to return the fine. He said “easy mummy! I just returned them without paying!”

Then mupig added very smugly “the trick is to quickly drop them into the return box and scamper away before the librarian sees your face”

Although I am ashamed by their cheapo personality, I’m also pretty impressed by their problems solving skills :’D