Junpig 语录

Actually autumn is the best because the days are shorter in autumn so we don’t have to work so long

Such wisdom coming from a six year old :’D 

Kidzania Singapore

4 July was a school holiday and since I was feeling generous I took leave and brought the twins to kidzania Singapore. They had been looking forward to it since their visit to the kidzania in bangkok.

Excited boys waiting for the bus to take them to harbourfront.

Admiring my 300¥ bracelets on the bus

Got a shock when we reached kidzania. There was one single queue for everybody. Regardless of whether you are a walk-in customer or have already purchased your tickets online. So even though we already purchased our tickets we had to queue for an hour to get in. What a waste of time!

First activity – convenience store.

This was our first activity because it was near the entrance and the queue was relatively short as compared to the popular ones  (fireman, policeman, pilot etc).

Junpig doing his dream job again. His joy is genuine

Boys practically dancing with joy after collecting their first salary of the day!

Second activity – board the tour bus!

This was a no-waiting activity. The tour bus was actually waiting for more participants before it can move off!


Third activity – bak kwa

Boys looking pretty legit with the cap

In full concentration

Happy to receive the generous salary.. hee hee..

Fourth activity – learning lab 

We persevered with our strategy to join the shortest queue. So the next one was to enrol them in some learning activity. The module they took was about budgeting and stuff. 

While waiting for them I couldn’t help but oooh and a aah over these cute little cleaners washing the windows outside 

Fifth activity – bank vault

We chose this activity because it’s one of the jobs that gave us higher salary now that we owned  a “university degree”

Boys looking very lost.

Sixth activity – peranakan museum 

Only junpig participated because mupig was not keen on the extra earnings.. he wanted to make burgers..

Seventh activity  – burger making 

Mupig was very excited after he made his burger. He said “I made the best burger in the universe!”

Junpig joined the queue when mupig was feasting on his burger. After junpig completed his activity I asked if he made the best burger in the universe and he replied humbly “no lah.. mine is just the best in kidzania lah.. ”

One wefie before we left sentosa.. notice someone’s sad face

Overall I am not keen to go back to kidzania Singapore.  It is expensive,  feels small (compared to bangkok),  and is too crowded. 

If you die die have to bring your kids there,  I would advise bringing along your own water, bread or some snacks because the queues at food outlets can get crazy during mealtimes. Also,  queue for the food activities like soup,  pizza,  burger during off-peak hours like 11am and 3pm. 

Mupig + Junpig 语录

Cj: mummy will buy you the latest gundam toy on 31st June ok?
Junpig: but there is no 31st June!
Mupig: I don’t wanna wait until 31st July!

Hmmm.. one points out my obvious “mistake” to me and the other one just pretends that I meant to buy him the toy in July..


Mupig 语录

Mupig may be the most chill primary school student ever.
Cj: 大宝宝,明天有听写,怎么办?你都还没有 practise!
Mupig: aiyoh nevermind lah.. do correction lor..

Instead of scolding him i actually laughed  #worstmummyever

Mupig 语录 + eye check

You may want to think thrice before deciding to have a kid.

(At a very crowded hospital clinic. I told him to wait outside the consultation room while i went to the toilet)
Mupig: mummy where are you going? 你要大便啊?

(At the underwear aisle at uniqlo store)
Mupig: *touching the undies on display* mummy, what is your size? Do you wear M or L mummy?

(Inside mrt cabin. There was one reserved seat and i told him to sit down.)
Mupig: *looks up at the sign. Sees the pic of a pregnant lady* mummy this is a reserved seat. It’s for you mummy.
Cj: I am not pregnant! Sit down!

The results of eye check were good. Everything looks normal and there are no signs of swelling of the nerves 🙂

Mupig junpig 语录

Cj: *patting my fat tummy* mummy has another baby inside now
Mupig: I know it’s just food.
Junpig: for goodness sake! If you have more babies the whole house will be full of children
Cj: omfgz you guys. . :’D

Staycation @ Crowne Plaza Hotel Changi

we went for our first staycation at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Hotel during the labour day long weekend.

because parking was too freaking expensive to be considered an option, we took a taxi there.


the check-in was not so smooth. although we arrived on time at 3pm, we were told that the room was not ready yet. the boys were restless and i had to sacrifice my phone for a few minutes of peace before they started to get hungry TuT

DSC03237 DSC03240

baby, on the other hand, was happy to be sitting on a couch in the lobby! 真容易满足!

we finally checked in at 4-plus.. and the room was FREAKING AWESOME~~~!!!

it comes with a king-sized bed with the bathroom on one side..




that’s right! you can view the landings as they take place right outside the room!

when we arrived in the room, everyone crowded around the window to catch a plane landing. because i was busy with the baby and the twins were distracted by other things in the room (particularly the tray of complimentary fresh fruits), fat X was the only person standing on guard beside the window. everytime a plane approached the runway, he would announce excitedly and all of us would make an effort to rush over to watch the landing.

the novelty wore off after about 15 minutes because a plane would land like every freaking 5 minutes :’D

so after 15 minutes, even fat X moved away from the window to marvel at other parts of the room X’D


the wall separating the bathroom and bedroom is made of glass.. very romantic right?


someone taking a pee in the toilet :’D


guess who baby was smiling at?


ooooh, it was just papa playing with her from the other side of the glass!


after dumping our barang in the room and marveling at everything inside and outside the room, and almost polishing off all the fruits from the plate, we finally made our way out..


for some obligatory photos


baby tried really hard to stay awake. she refused to lie back on her chair and eventually nodded off!~


kinetic rain

DSC03286 DSC03296

we had dinner at paradise inn. the food was great as usual, but service was slow due to a glitch in the ordering system and we waited almost an hour for the food. TuT

the least they could do was to inform us about the delay. what if we had a plane to catch?

luckily the boys were not too hungry and could still entertain themselves while waiting for food to arrive!

DSC03299 DSC03301 DSC03303

a new mode of transport at the airport.. papa-cart!


the next morning, we went down for our complimentary breakfast – complimentary for the whole family! how cool is that!

DSC03314 DSC03319

see? even the baby couldn’t believe her eyes!

the breakfast was great although i didn’t take any pictures because honestly, i’ve outgrown this “i need to take a thousand photos of the food before anybody is allowed to touch it” shit. my family is able to enjoy hot meals because i kicked this weird addiction and i am rather proud of myself 😀

so after breakfast, fat X brought mupig to the pool while i brought junpig and baby pig back to the room for some chillax.

being an awful mum, i totally forgot to take any pics of mupig and the awesome hotel pool TuT

instead, i took lots of pictures of the kids on the hotel couch. because, hello natural light!

DSC03325 DSC03330 DSC03339 DSC03346 DSC03355 DSC03357

it started with a selfie with baby..


then i tried to take a pic with all the kids.. and then it became more and more chaotic :’D

DSC03373 DSC03374 DSC03375 DSC03381 DSC03398

i wonder why it’s easier to take a pic with all 5 of us. somehow the twins didn’t go crazy when taking this pic :’D

DSC03409 DSC03415

after checking out, we brought the twins to try out the slide at Terminal 3. the tallest slide was closed so we tried the “not as tall but still pretty fun” sibling slide.

DSC03421 DSC03423 DSC03424 DSC03425

while the brothers were having fun, the baby grew so bored that she fell asleep TuT


because we didn’t want our short staycation to end so soon.. we had some ice cream with waffles before leaving :’D

actually no lah.. the reason we had ice cream was because we had just applied for the  Changi Rewards card and wanted to enjoy some GST savings before leaving TuT

DSC03433 DSC03437

overall, it was a fun stay which the kids thoroughly enjoyed! our only regret was not applying for the Changi Rewards card on the first day. we could have saved up quite a bit of money with the 7% GST savings.

will be planning for another staycation at this hotel. hopefully i will manage to get some nice pictures of the pool :’D

Kidzania @ Bangkok with the twins!

ahem.. i may be a little late in posting.. considering this trip took place in early march ^^;


because i was super kiasu, i booked the earliest flight to bangkok, so we had to wake up while the sky was still dark  XD


the twins somehow managed to look so fresh and awake, they were obviously very excited about the trip!


of course.. in-flight games and breakfast kept the two mini men so busy that they stayed very awake throughout


this is proof that the greatest constant in my life is my fat X. just look at him, his eyes are glued to his phone no matter where he is!


result of taking the first flight out.. the twins fell asleep on the way to the hotel :’D


we stayed at the berkeley hotel @ Pratunam, a luxury corner suite that was highly recommended by ah hong 😀 it was indeed big until cannot! very suitable for families!~

fat X obviously felt at home in the room. even the twins couldn’t help but nuah sai on the couch near the entrance of the room!


i sometimes wonder why little children are always attracted to curtains.. 真的浆好玩吗?


this is what i saw when i woke up the next morning – two mini men looking at the scenery outside while playing with the curtains 🙂


the view from our room


you may wonder why i took a picture of our pyjamas.. it’s special because i taught the twins how to fold their pyjamas and although the result looked like sai i must applaud them for their effort 🙂


hungry junpig at the breakfast table


selfie time!


with a disgusting boy who was halfway through chewing his food >.<


my favourite part of the breakfast! i don’t eat pineapples but these were so sweet that i just had to stuff my face with them. every. single. morning.

after a heavy breakfast, we headed out to Siam Paragon, where kidzania was located.

i was worried about being hungry there, so i made everyone sit in a cafe with me X’D

check out how enthusiastic they were!


maybe not that enthu after all..


nevertheless, fat X and i had fun taking selfies while waiting for the food and drinks!

the boys soon joined in..

DSC02380 DSC02383 DSC02386

finally our food arrived! this was called hokkaido pancake (or something like that) and it was yummy!!


this was some fat toast. it was above average but after trying the pancake, we all felt that this was a bit less yummy 😛


the cafe was tiny and cosy. so cosy that someone actually contemplated taking a short nap there..


oooh.. twins posing for a photo outside the cafe (called Secret Garden or something like that)..

then we made our way to kidzania..

of course it was not so straightforward.. i believe we took about 30 minutes to locate the damned place!


finally, we bought tickets and the twins were able to get into kidzania!!!


upon arriving, every child would need to open a bank account. if i remember correctly, each child would receive 50 Kidzos (the kidzania currency) when he opened a new bank account. FREE MONEY LEH!

after opening their bank accounts, the twins decided that they wanted to start work as a car mechanic!!

DSC02422 DSC02425 DSC02435

earning their first pay, and professional certification!

next, the twins decided that they wanted to work in a hospital nursery!

DSC02438 DSC02441

unfortunately, we were unable to see what the twins were up to in the hospital. so we went around taking selfies again.

after about 20 minutes, we started to wonder if the kids were ever going to come out. what if it was a scam and all the kids going in were to be abducted and have their organs harvested for the black market or something?

fortunately, the twins emerged after about 30 minutes, so i didn’t make a police report after all >.<

and then… the boys decided that they wanted to be courier men!

DSC02448 DSC02455

the task was to deliver three parcels to different destinations scattered within the city.

from this job, i realised that fat X is a helicopter dad because throughout the delivery, he could be heard shouting instructions to the twins whenever they made a wrong turn.


dear boys.. papa’s eyes may be permanently glued to his phone, but when it comes to making deliveries, rest assured that he will help you out ALL THE WAY!!

DSC02460 DSC02465

see how fat X was still following the twins closely even after they had finished the delivery? 真的是很放心不下对吗?:’D


twins waiting eagerly to collect their salary! they were the only kids left because the rest had finished their tasks and left! :’D

our next stop was the meiji milk factory! meiji milk = the yums? let’s find out!

DSC02485 DSC02513 DSC02514

while the children learned about the various stages in the milk production, they were also allowed to choose a flavour of milk to bring back and drink!

junpig chose strawberry-flavoured milk (good choice) and mupig chose corn-flavoured milk (yucks)!

see how happy they were to receive their milk? wanna know how long the smiles lasted??

DSC02516 DSC02535 DSC02546

check out mupig’s expression after he started drinking the milk.. he took a few sips before giving up, i then drank about 1/4 of it before throwing the rest away. it tasted really weird!!

so, after filling their tummies with the meiji milk, the twins joined the police department. due to some misunderstanding about what the staff at the police station said, mupig left the place in tears during the briefing and fat X had to bring him away..

so junpig teamed up with two older children for his crime investigation work. they were supposed to look for a suspect in the city, based on a list of clues, such as where the suspect was last seen, what was the suspect’s age and occupation etc.


the policemen arrived at the construction site where a very quiet boy was working hard at laying some bricks to build a wall..

stupid fat X got all flustered at seeing the policemen that he cried loudly “DON’T TELL ME THEY ARE HERE TO CATCH MUPIG! XIAO MU MU! 警察来抓你了!!”

poor mupig was so traumatised by the possibility of getting caught and thrown in jail that his head was permanently lowered and his lips actually quivered because he was on the verge of crying :’D #laughdieme

DSC02557 DSC02559

so, anyway, junpig clarified with the boss of the construction company that mupig was not the suspect and he was able to finish building the damned wall and collect his salary :’D


finally looking up and smiling with relief after the cops left

I was laughing so hard all this time.. it was too hilarious!

then.. our next stop was the sushi restaurant!!!!!


all i got was a glimpse of their backs TuT


nevertheless, they did leave the place with some yummy sushi!


we had dinner at some random japanese restaurant. i’ve never eaten so much japanese food in my entire life. it seems like we ate at at least 1 japanese restaurant everyday ^^;

the next day, junpig insisted on going back to kidzania (yawn) because he did not get to be a cashier at 7-11 the previous day and it would be a big regret unless he went back and become a cashier at 7-11 :’D my son is so funny right?

so fat X brought mupig to Sea Life Bangkok. although they claimed that they had lots of fun, the camera was with me and so mupig did not have any proper pictures taken 🙁


the first stop at kidzania was an art school. junpig spent so much time on colouring this thing.. i think i walked away to get myself some drinks and when i came back HE WAS STILL COLOURING THE DAMNED THING. also not say very nice mah.. -__-??

it is indeed every child’s dream to be a cashier (at least it was my sister’s childhood dream LOL).. so you can imagine junpig’s excitement when he finally got to be the cashier at 7-11 on our second visit! i was texting my family things like “他的心愿终于实现了!!TuT”


oooh.. to stand behind the counter and scan merchandise and operate the till.. that must be one of his biggest dreams come true!

after collecting his salary, we rushed to the fire station when we saw that there were around 6 kids in the queue (you have to meet the minimum number before the activity could start)!

after some briefing, the fire alarm went off because there was a fire!

what coincidence right?


anyway the kids excitedly rode the cute little fire engine to the scene of fire and started the aim strategically-placed water hoses at the fires.


i wished i was a kid so i could play with this water-spraying thingy! also, junpig looked really glamourous in this outfit right?


it was an emergency, so my little fireman went to fight the fire without putting on real pants LOL!


after returning to the fire station, i realised that we had a few hundred kidzos so i took junpig to the shopping mall where kids could shop (while parents waited outside) and pay using their own money!

how cool is that?

except.. for the amount of money we had, the only thing we could afford was this miserable little notepad. just look at his gek-sai smile TuT

DSC02657 DSC02662

nevertheless, junpig was still sibeh happy lah!! because it was bought using their money, and it was quite a challenge to choose something that both of them liked! mupig loved cars and junpig loved writing, so this notepad was like the only thing meeting all the requirements (and also the only thing he could afford)

after the shopping experience, we realised that we would never make enough money to buy fancy stuff. so we started to join activities that required spending money – these are the activities where the kids get to bring back some form of food or drinks.

so our next stop was the urine purification plant iced tea manufacturing factory. <– sorry, i guess my mental age is about six.

DSC02683 DSC02692

posing like a star. junpig wearing the mcdonalds apron while sipping his iced tea.



we finally left kidzania.. here’s a pic of the happy boy with a packet of lychee tea and a hamburger he put together all by himself. also, he finally experienced life as a cashier at 7-11, i would call this a really fruitful day for him! 没有遗憾了啦!

dinner was at some random japanese restaurant. i regret not bothering to note down anything about the food (i didn’t even take pictures of the food we ate during the trip).. i will be going back to BKK again next week but i already forgot which are the cheap and good japanese restaurants lah!!! TuT


here’s a pic of my mupig with a souvenir on his head! he went on a boat ride to feed the sharks, and took many over-exposed photos with random sea creatures! i’m sure he had much fun too <3

Breakfast conversations. .

Junpig: 妈咪你有多少钱?
Cj: $10
Junpig: 你要买一个 tiger beer 酱你就会有很多钱!
Cj: *looks around and saw the tiger beer poster*

Cj: mu, finish your noodles before drinking your milo
Mupig: but I am very thirsty mummy. and if I dun drink the milo I will.. I will.. I will die! Do you want me alive or to die? Choose now!