Mini break ~ week 4 T_T

So this is the last week of my hospitalization leave, I am seriously gonna miss my daily naps T_T


School stationery for the kids.

I seriously need to kick the habit of buying every new mechanical pencil I like XD I mean it seems like mechanical pencils have become the new nail polish for me >_<

Do I need brush pens? No.

Do I know how to use brush pens? Also no.

Should I buy them? Why not?

My $100 “la mer” coloured pencils <3

Some say these are like the Rolls Royce in the coloured pencils world. At about $4.50 per piece, I wouldn’t deny that ^_^;;

Also, I learned that expensive pencils doesn’t make me draw better :'(


Didn’t really draw this week because I was busy testing out the different coloured pencils hee hee..

Swatches of all the colours in my FC Polychromos box!
I dunno what to say except I hate it.
Caran Luminance vs FC Polychromos.
Swatches of the colours. I need to level up my blending skills!
Irojiten on normal sketchbook paper
Irojiten on the “3 for $2” daiso notebook paper


It started with these..

needed pencil pouches for my pilot eno and loose stock coloured pencils. Although my pilot eno pencils had a nice little home in the form of a daiso acrylic drawer, my irojiten loose pencils were just lying homelessly inside my drawer.

This fits my irojiten loose pencils with room to spare *ahem*
And this for my favourite pilot eno mechanical pencils, if I need to bring them out ^_^;
At home, they live in this little daiso acrylic drawer!
And for some reason, I bought more waterproof fabrics ^_^;;

What to do? Make more pouches lah! The most practical thing to make is the basic pouch without zippers (because I would have sewn more pencil pouch if I had better zippers lying at home!).

Then a while ago I also bought some mahjong fabrics.. so…

Initial prototypes
6 bra-shaped masks
6 seamless masks!

The mahjong masks are for my mum and 5 aunties.. the legendary mahjong sisters <3

I’m going back to work next week so I guess I’ll blog again in another 6 months or a year!


Updates on life in 2020!

Erm.. so it’s been almost 8 months since my last post ^_^;

Circuit Breaker

So COVID-19 happened, and Singapore went into Circuit Breaker mode.. I endured gruelling hours of WFH with 3 kids at home, with the aircon breaking down during the hottest months of the year. I deserve a bloody copper medal for everything sia (precious metal medals reserved strictly for the real heroes <3)

But then I also enjoyed the CB tremendously because I get to stay at home every single day! Instead of wasting time on commuting to wherever, I was able to do a lot more drawing and sewing at home!!


Speaking of drawing, I’ve drawn a few more pastel pieces since my first Marilyn Monroe portrait X’D

My addiction to mechanical pencils with coloured leads grew somewhere in the beginning of CB.. and I also started learning how to draw using the twins’ Faber castell colour pencils just after CB ended! 其实小学生用的色铅笔也是不错的啦!


During and after the CB I also sewed a fuckload of masks.. mostly for family. This kind of thing happens when you have 3 kids – 2 of whom outgrew their original mask size within months, and third one having to change 4 to 5 masks each day because every mask she puts on her face needs to be fresh (insert roll eye emoji here)

A small fraction of the masks and pouches I sewed in the last few months.

The pouch that I sew has a tissue holder and 2 separate pockets for masks. I extended the original design to include an additional pocket on the other side and I’m rather proud of this hack X’D

Sewing is super therapeutic and I love the loud humming of my sewing machines.. <3

Also, I discovered that barbie clothes are a great and fun way to use up fabric scraps!

Barbie outfits
Custom-made wardrobe

I even made a wardrobe using a shipping box, and a pair of disposable chopsticks. Mini hangers made using craft wire.

Another baby dress


Erm yes. . The dress in the previous post was a muslin for this dress! Also, I need to work on my ironing skills.

And I think I was really in the mood today because I made both in a day! You see.. it was rainy and all the kids were napping while i was stepping furiously on the pedal. So yay for rainy days!!

How clever of me to hang the dress on a cane hor.. hee hee..

The top of the skirt is completely concealed within the bodice and the seams are selvage edges so there was no need to finish any edges!

I used elastic to pull the skirt together and I think I will never use the normal “pull the thread and gather the fabric” method again. That method always makes me swear but this elastic method? It is fast and easy and it does not make me swear so it’s good 😀

If you find this fabric a little familiar, it’s because I used it for this tiny blouse last year (before I was pregnant with the babe). And if you’re wondering what happened to that blouse..


The babe wore it for about a month before she outgrew it. That’s what I dun like about woven fabric (besides being wrinkly), it doesn’t stretch so when the baby has grown fatter the clothes have to go 🙁

Despite everything, it was a comfortable blouse as the cotton was light and soft.


See? It was so comfortable that she could even sleep in it 😉

Anyway my new camera (sony alpha 5000) arrived today and it is AWESOME.  I can now send the photos directly to my phone for blogging. love love love!

Also love the WordPress app which I have been using for a few months now :’D

Life’s good!

Dress from scraps


it’s a beautiful saturday and.. I made baby summer a tiny dress using scrap fabrics my mil gave me! My mil works in the fabric industry but she mainly deals with fabrics for men’s dress shirts. How awesome would it be if she could like also bring me some pretty floral fabrics!


Didn’t have enough to line the bodice so i used another piece of scrap. I love making baby dresses, you need so little fabric!

Happy Saturday!

project FAIL :: izzy top wannabe

when i first saw an image of the izzy top, i fell in love with it immediately! it looked like something i could draft on my own. as a matter of fact, i had to draft it on my own because the pattern only comes in 18mths to 12yo X’D

so when baby summer was around 2 months old, i started to cut out the fabrics and sew the upper part of the top. my intention was to make a top that she could wear when she’s like 6 months old.

days passed and i found other more interesting things to do everyday. stuff like playing tsum tsum, watching the return of the superman, buying random things online, and generally slacking on the couch etc etc

so last week, i finally shifted my fat ass off the couch and attached the skirt piece.

i am so in love with the completed top!


i love how the fabrics go together and i love the neat stitching on the whole item <3




alas! our 3-month-old baby summer has grown so fat that this is totally unwearable (unless i can pluck out her arms like a doll? but i am not prepared to go to such extent for a top made from scraps, tqvm!)

hence, this is a project FAIL TuT

sew therapeutic :’)

the last two weeks hasn’t been a walk in the park for me.

it started with fat X who contracted the stomach flu from hell. in a nutshell, he had diarrhoea about 30 times on the first day, 15 times on the second day, and 5 times on the third day before he went back to work on the fourth day. i would have checked into a hospital after the first day.

when the wife is sick, the wife suffers on her own. but when the husband is sick, the poor wife becomes a mother to the husband and wakes up in the middle of the night to check his temperature, massages him with nice-smelling essential oils to make him feel better and sleep better, nags at him everyday to ensure he sticks to a strict diet of plain porridge and not things like fried eggs and luncheon meat with porridge.

thankfully, fat X survived the ordeal without infecting anyone else :’D

unfortunately, another mysterious virus hit mini men last weekend and they had 40-degree fevers for 3-4 days. that, my dears, translates to more sleepless nights for 老娘.

today, the mini men were finally well enough to go back to school and i spent all my free time sewing.

this is oh-so-therapeutic :’)

i transformed a very old shirt into a bean pillow (top left), a pair of baby pants (top right, in case it’s not obvious to you), and a pillowcase (bottom). because i am oh-so-lazy, i merely cut out a rectangle from the shirt without removing the pocket or buttons. the buttons act as an opening for inserting the pillow X’D

i take sucky pictures. but this is a closer shot of the pillowcase that comes with pocket and two buttons XD

and since i have an overlocker now, i must overlock ALL THE THINGS. so i made the actual bean pillow by overlocking on all four edges of the casing. super convenient!

baby pants. what else can i say about these? erm.. they remind me of old-man unperpants?

another pillowcase made using a small piece of japanese fabric which i had been saving since my last pregnancy X’D

i also made a square top for myself using the leftover fabric from baby summer’s dress. the pattern is simple but i walked about 100 times to and fro between my sewing room and bedroom just to test out the fit.

the neckline is bound using my favourite 80-cents bias binding X’D

the armholes are just overlocked, turned inside, and then stitched in place. i love my overlocker!

no, obviously a top made from half metre of fabric would not fit over my 35-week pregnant belly. this is meant to be worn when baby summer is wearing her dress! X’D

my almost margaret bag X’D

while browsing the web for bag tutorials, i came across something called Margaret Bag, by  Oh Fransson. all the margaret bags on the google image search results left me so inspired. i was really itching to sew one up but couldn’t find the tutorial and pattern because the author had retired the pattern :'(

so, i had apparently inherited my mother’s never-give-up genes because when i saw pictures of the bag made using the blue floral IKEA fabric i have, i started to reverse-engineer the bag based on pictures of it from google.. here’s what i came up with..

TADA!! it is more boxy and less ladylike compared to the original but it’ll do for me :’D

got this button from a little shop in Chinatown today because the original dark brown button i randomly used just wouldn’t do! (scroll down for evidence)

yummy top-stitching — my aging Brother sewing machine cooperated very well and i did not have any skipped stitches at all while making this bag!

yes, my pirated version does look different from the original because i did not curve the top of the bag. the length of buttonhole loop and placement of button is also way off ^^;

this is how the bag looked when i first completed it.. the brown button is a spare button from some RTW clothing which i found in my box of spare buttons from RTW clothing, lol

fatty whale modeling the bag — 28 weeks pregnant, in case you’re curious XD

here’s one last picture of my reverse-engineered bag sitting comfortably on my new chair.. hee..

summer’s first dress and my new Brother!

so while mupig was fighting against some unknown stomach virus this week, i nearly went crazy staying up EVERY NIGHT wiping his burning head and neck with peppermint water. instead of resting during the day, i chose to download the baby geranium pattern and ending up making a newborn dress for baby summer. i guess when you’re pregnant, you have somewhat different priorities?

the fabric is a light double-gauze fabric i bought from Japan last July

i was too tired when making the dress and only realized that the gathers were distributed unevenly after the dress was completed *sobs*

pearl snap buttons are from Spotlight

this is the only exposed seam in the whole dress!

behold, raw edges were finished using zig-zag stitch…

this might be the last time i’m using the overlock foot to finish my raw edges because…


I FINALLY BOUGHT AN OVERLOCK MACHINE! i can’t believe i actually waited this long to get one. it takes more time to thread (still, it only took me ~5 minutes to thread all 4 spools leh) and the swinging knife looks scary when the machine is operating at full-speed but IT IS A FREAKING AWESOME MACHINE! so if you’re still sitting on the fence about it, mai tu liao.. get one now!

now my only problem is i don’t have much things to sew XD

floral maternity top + shorts

i sewed a maternity top and shorts before going back to full-time work, because who knows if i’ll ever get to do any sewing once i start working?

maternity top

the pattern is self-drafted. basically the top part is a cropped a bodice that fits me (hopefully for a few more weeks at least), while the bottom part is just a long strip of fabric that is curved longer in the front to accommodate the baby bump. armholes and neck finished using ready-made binding so it’s a really easy project 🙂

20131231_01 20131231_02
i love floral fabrics. the stitches are not really visible even though i used an obiang bright yellow thread X’D

i enclosed an elastic band to make the “waistband”


here’s proof that my husband takes very blurry photos X’D

20131231_09 20131231_08

maternity shorts

the shorts are also self-drafted based on a pair of shorts that fit well. one big lesson learnt is that a pregnant bum is VERY GIGANTIC.

the shorts uses some old camisole as a waistband. it is freaking comfortable for nuah-ing at home :’D

i love the stitching on the pockets so was reluctant to give it up when the bum was too tight. in the end, i had to sew on extra pieces of fabrics at the back to accommodate my fat ass XD 

the two extra lines of stitching is where i attached the extra fabric XD

LOVE my pockets!
super comfortable for lazing at home 😀


oh and before i go off, here’s a photo of moi modelling the DIY maternity skirt.

the picture was taken when i was 15 weeks pregnant and still fits well now (20 weeks). i hope it can last me till the end of the pregnancy, hate spending my hard-earned money on maternity clothes! X’D

tutorial >> 10-minute maternity skirt


being financially-challenged this year, i have been doing lots of research on making my own maternity clothes. my favourite links are:

most of the skirts involve sewing the body of the skirt to a folded tube of knit or elastic band. my inspiration for this sewing project came from this no-sew belly band tutorial. today, i am sharing my own tutorial because i have not seen any article on this method of sewing on the waist-band ^_^;

most importantly, this sewing project cost me NOTHING because i am recycling my old, unwearable clothing into something wearable, so i get new clothes without spending any monies. WIN!

PREPARATION :: find something from your closet to refashion

20131125_01 20131125_02
some stretchy camisole singlets. these are 5% spandex, size XS/S and can fit over my UK10 ass comfortably. be sure to get camisoles that contain spandex as these are more stretchy and will fit your growing body.

20131125_03 20131125_04
unwearable dresses. the denim dress was too tight at the top and the grey dress was too freaking short to wear without accidentally exposing my underwear.

EXPECTED RESULT :: cute and comfortable maternity skirts!

visualize your desired end product. it helps you to achieve what you want! 

STEP 1 :: cut off the top of the dress (optional: keep it for future refashions!)

how much to cut depends on the desired length of your skirt. remember to add seam allowance!

STEP 2 :: cut off the top of the camisole
i wanted a tall waistband that can be folded down so i cut the camisole just under the armholes.

you will be left with a tube of stretchy fabric. try to pull it over your belly and see if it fits over your butt and belly.

STEP 3 :: sew down the side seams of the skirt portion
after cutting off the top part of the dress, the stitches of the side seams may come off, secure the seams of the skirt by back-stitching at the waist.

STEP 4 :: put the skirt inside the waistband tube
with both the skirt and waistband’s right-sides facing out, place the skirt inside the waist tube.

pin at the side seams and centre of the front and back. i find that using 4 pins is quite sufficient. the more pins i use, the higher my chances of getting pricked and i do not enjoy bleeding :'(

STEP 5 :: start sewing!
starting at one of the pins, carefully place the sewing machine needle down and remove the pin. i used a zigzag stitch with 1.5 width and 2.5 length. pull the next pin towards you, as shown in the picture above, and step on the sewing pedal!

this is how the skirt looks like after sewing. not very neat, and my thread does not match the fabrics. but.. WHO CARES? it’ll be hidden anyway 😛

STEP 6 :: finish the edges
using a serger or zigzag stitch, finish the edges of the skirt so that it doesn’t fray in the wash. i am using a zigzag stitch with 5.0 width and 2.0 length. also, i have been using this
awesome overlock foot for all my “overlocking needs”. it is the best solution for folks who don’t own any overlock machines!

this is how your seams will appear after you “overlock” them.

when turned right-side out, the skirt looks weird with an extremely tall “inside-out” waist band and a normal skirt portion. don’t worry, because the correct way of wearing this skirt is to…

pull down the waistband to a level you’re comfortable with.

since we preserved the original hem of the camisole, it actually looks like you’re wearing a long camisole. i will post modeling pictures when mr X is free to be my photographer XD

this was the first skirt i made..

i really love how this turned out so i decided to make a second skirt and turn it into a tutorial. hope it’s useful for any mummies-to-be out there!


if you find the waistband a little too plain, you can also create a ruched waistband by sewing one strip of elastic down each side seam.


seeing how easy it is to make my own maternity skirts, i will NEVER pay $50+ for a maternity skirt again X’D