junpig 语录

junpig said 我要 marry 妈咪。。

then i told him he can only marry the girl he likes and he said 我喜欢妈咪。。

Awwww X3

hanging organizer for storing sanitary napkins + how-to


because i really hate it when i have to walk all the way back to the bedroom to get my sanitary napkin or pantyliner.

it’s a fairly straight-forward project.. here’s how i did it!

STEP 1: choose the fabrics


the secret stash of fabrics from my last Japan trip was yearning to be made into something useful. i took the easy way out and used the two bundles of pre-coordinated fabric packs 😀

STEP 2: cut out the fabrics you need


you will need to cut out two pieces for the main body (in white), 4 pieces for the pockets, and another 4 pieces for the flaps that cover the pockets.

the dimensions i used are:

  • main body — 15.5cm x 30cm
  • pocket — 13.5cm x 22cm
  • pocket flap — 8cm x 13.5cm

note: the flap is barely long enough to cover the pocket when it’s full so you probably want to cut out 10cm x 13.5cm instead.

STEP 3: prepare the other stuff you need


i used two strips of cotton lace to decorate the pocket covers and a length of ribbon to hang the organizer. the length of ribbon i cut out was about 12cm.

STEP 4: start sewing on the decorations


i chose fabrics with prints so my decoration was very simple.. just two strips of cotton lace across the pocket flaps.


next, fold the ribbon into half and then top-stitch the edges together as shown above.

STEP 5: sew up the pieces, right-sides facing

5.1 The pocket flaps


find the pieces for the pocket flaps, match up the pieces and sew them together with right sides facing each other. leave the opening at the TOP of the pockets.


trim the fabric and clip the corners as shown above. then turn the whole thing inside-out via the opening.

5.2 the main body


for the main body, sandwich the ribbon between the pieces before sewing.


for the main body, leave the opening at the BOTTOM.

at this point, if

  1. you can’t stand the way the fabric is fraying like nobody’s business OR
  2. you have self-respect and will never allow your work to be sloppy OR
  3. you have a mother who sometimes unpicks your work and criticizes “外面这么美,里面好像 sai” <– it means “this looks so pretty on the outside, but the inside is messy like human excretion“.

if at least one of the above applies, you may wanna finish off the edges with a zigzag stitch before turning it out through the opening at the bottom.


see how neat it is after the zigzag stitching?


here’s a picture of the main body after it’s been turned out. neatify the edges and top-stitch all around, at about 2mm from the edge.

(yes yes, i know i should’ve ironed the fabrics.. but i’m lazy and this was meant to be a quickie..)

5.3 the pockets


match up the pocket pieces and sew them right sides together, leaving an opening at the BOTTOM of where the pocket is going to be.


this is how the pocket will look like after you turn it out and do not bother to iron it.

STEP 6: assembling the pieces


position the pocket on the main body and sew up the two sides as shown above.

position the pocket flap as shown in the picture above. the decorated side should face the main body and the TOP edge of the pocket flap (the edge where you left an opening) is near to the pocket piece. sew along the red dotted line as shown above.


make two pleats as shown above and sew up the bottom of the pocket.

(if you have left the opening at the BOTTOM of the pocket, you won’t have to hand-stitch the opening closed. similarly, if you have left the opening at the TOP of the pocket flap, you won’t have to hand-stitch the opening closed too ^^)


anyway, this is how the pocket looks when it’s completed.

now, repeat STEP 6 for the other pocket and you’re done!


both pockets done!

STEP 7: take pictures


hang your new organizer and marvel at its beauty


fill it up and observe (to your horror!) that the flaps may be a little too short -__- this is when i can almost hear my mum saying “aiyoh, why always so ngeow, don’t cut more fabric… ” <– ngeow means stingy -__-

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mupig 语录

cJ: how do you spell mommy?

mupig: M-M-M-M-Y!

cJ: woah,, you can spell mickey mouse but you can’t spell mommy ah?

mupig: yah..

cJ: *cries*


mupig: I 做工 first, later give Mommy 钱..

He said the above while playing by himself.. So cute, 儿子做工,老妈拿钱!


my word of 2013 – contentment

it’s a little late for this, considering that it’s already mid-February, but i have finally picked a guiding word for this year — contentment.

i know i have been blessed in so many ways — great health, loving spouse, happy and healthy children, supportive family members, wonderful colleagues, a well-paying job.

this year, i will be more aware of how blessed i actually am. instead of taking everything for granted, i will start counting my blessings. i will give thanks for each day i have with my children. i will treasure every moment with them.

i will learn to be content because i already have what i need, what more can i ask for? 🙂