lots of lips!

the conversation


mupig: WHAT? mommy made more cushion covers? are they scary-looking?


junpig: don’t worry gor.. this time, she didn’t use the fabric with scary-looking errie eyes to make them!


mupig: STOP IT! i don’t wanna look at cushion covers again! i don’t care if they’re eyes or lips or any other body parts!! >m<

the new covers


i love this photo so much!! these lips totally match my bedroom wall!


perfect corners! no wonder some people say i should’ve been a virgo instead of leo.. lol!


the overlapped portion is re-inforced with close zigzag stitches.

as the dimension of the lips is far too big for my cushions, i had to cut based on the design instead of based on the dimension of the cushions. after completing the basic cushion cover, i then stitched around the cover, about 5-6cm from the edge so that the cushion fits snug.

few more random pictures below..


lalala ~

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my week in pictures

march is ending soon and i really wonder what i’ve accomplished in the three months of “slacking” at home >m<

also, i find it sad that i’ve been conditioned to think that people who don’t work are somewhat useless for not actively helping the economy. i know this thinking is wrong and i really hate it because it makes me feel like i am a useless piece of shit and i actually became randomly depressed because of it.

recently i walked out of my brief period of depression because i finally thought things through. i am actually actively contributing to the economy by doing online shopping.

i am a really useful person after all! *smug* <– do not blame me. this is a result of watching too much “Thomas and Friends”

so without further ado, here’s my past week in pictures!

at the playground

20130324_01 20130324_02

my unbiased opinion tells me that my twins are getting cuter by the day. i bet every other mother feels the same towards their own kids X’D

adventures in the kitchen


i have not cooked in more than a year and it is evident in the sorry state of my pan-fried salmon (the fillet was too thick and i totally forgot how long it takes to cook fish).

however, do not be misled by the messy picture, it was actually quite tasty!

– potatoes cooked in butter and dried parsley
– vegetables sauteed in olive oil
– salmon pan-fried in olive oil



can’t decide on which colour to buy? just get both.

at home


my two boys wearing their new clothes. poor junpig was so upset at being teased that he wanted to remove his pink outfit >m<

don’t ask me why i dress my son in pink, he was the one who picked the colour!



i have 7 square cushions at home and some of the covers have seen better days. so when i saw these Vannerna Lappar fabrics on sale at IKEA, i grabbed 4 bolts without checking the design (i thought they were random floral designs, you see..)

when i unrolled the fabrics from the bolts i was quite amused by the designs X’D

three of the bolts featured big lips (google “Vannerna Lappar lips fabric“) and the fourth bolt featured these errie-looking eyes. i had a good laugh at what IKEA has to say about this fabric…

Pattern with wide eyes; can be used to create curtains, cushions or other decorations that make your child’s room colourful and unique.

indeed. it will definitely make your child’s room colourful and unique, but i’m not sure if your child is able to sleep well with so many pairs of eyes staring at him/her. the twins are so scared of these eyes that i may not need to use my cane for a while.. haha..

that’s all, folks! how was your week?

我要妈咪 Happy

mini men have become so funny lately.. whenever i get angry or (pretend to be) upset.. they start to look all teary-eyed and cry “我不要妈咪 Angry/Sad/Cry.. 我要妈咪 Happy”

afternoon sewing – tissue case with flap

more scrap-buster projects! these are just prototypes of a tissue case which i wanted to try making. the dimension is still a little off because i do not have enough fabric and have to  sew using a smaller seam allowance. of course i ended up with a pouch that is too short for a standard packet of tissue paper -__-///


the pattern uses 3 separate pieces of fabrics 26 x 14, 2325+ x 14, and 19 x 14. dimensions are in cm. seam allowance is 1cm. i think it could be achieved using one single strip of fabric as well (64 x 14 in case the math is too tough for you X’D).


what i like about this pattern is that there is a separate pocket to store your handkerchief.


since good things come in pairs, i made two identical ones. actually the real reason is i have enough scraps to make two, so why not?


hippos are definitely not my idea of 美, but i think these will look lovely in prettier fabric combinations!

afternoon sewing..

last wednesday night, i was about to conclude my hypothesis that people who are not working do not fall sick that often. so i celebrated my great discovery with half a can of potato chips. that very night i felt a large painful lump at the right side of my throat. the pain worsened throughout the night and i had to see the doctor the next morning (>m<)

i had tonsillitis ToT

so much for my great hypothesis.

anyway yesterday night i was hit with a sudden attack of body ache. you know, the type of pain that extends from the base of your skull all the way to your feet. even my ribs hurt.

so instead of resting today, i took out my floral linen and began to cut cut cut in the morning.. and i sewed sewed sewed in the afternoon when mupig was having his nap.

these took so little time that i was able to nap for 2 hours after i finished up the sewing X’D


i ended up with a zippered pouch and two mini pouches (the mini pouches are meant for sanitary pads). i made 3-4 of these sanitary pouches before perfecting the dimensions and now that i have the “perfect” dimensions on paper, i can keep making them until i grow sick of them X’D


good things come in pairs (e.g. boobs and twins)


i used cotton for the interior fabrics


i was trying to use fabric-covered zipper ends for this pouch but the corners still didn’t turn out right :'(


the interior fabric is cotton


the base turned out really neat though *smug*


do you have any idea on how to improve this? the corner is too bulky and i tried very hard but couldn’t make it into a sharp 90-degrees corner. in the end, it’s a bit slanted.. TuT


the happy trio <3 (last family shot before i give them away.. )

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uniquely singapore: public housing

wow, a 5-room HDB flat has been sold for a whopping $945,000!

this is the cost of public housing in singapore. it’s tragic the way things are today.

thinking back, i still find it unbelievable that i actually managed to buy my unit for $392,000 6 years ago. based on the latest transaction figures for my block, the price of my flat has doubled now. many hopeful property agents have been sending me flyers and elaborate letters (i wish they sent flowers and chocolates instead), or occasionally calling me on my house phone to ask me if i wanted to sell my flat. sometimes they even turn up at my door to find out if i’m interested in selling. i once joked that i would sell my flat if someone offers me 1 million dollars for it. now i’m worried that that day is going to come soon >m<;

many people have urged me to sell my flat now that the price is good. i often have to remind them that in the current property market, i would most probably end up paying the same price for another unit; unless i move to an ulu part of the island and give up on the convenience of staying in town area.

the only way i can benefit from this is when i sell off the property and get a one-way ticket out of this place.

like what the PRs do after they’re done with us.


tiny blouse

i made a tiny blouse on friday night. i used a very soft cotton and thought that it would be good for making clothing for babies and children. but this fabric creased like nobody’s business after i washed it. i spent some time ironing it and concluded that this might not be a good fabric for making baby clothing.

which mummy has the time to iron all these tiny clothes?


from this photo, you can tell that i’m not very good at ironing.. haha..


there’s a cute ribbon at the back.


coming up with the draft was tough because i don’t have any baby clothes at home. i could only use my imagination when drafting the pattern.

the first prototype i made was so big that it could fit junpig (>m<)

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