my week in pictures

omfgz you mean another week has passed?!



bevlyn khoo‘s latest album came in the mail! i love it!! 这是一张用心制作,而且没有什么商业味道的专辑。the best thing is, it includes one of my favourite songs (来信) written by her more than ten years ago!



i wrote down the list of nail polish that i wanted to get for myself as a birthday treat. but obviously i cannot wait till august to get them so these babies arrived a few months early X’D



i also organized my nail polish as it was getting increasingly frustrating to search into the paper boxes i thrifted.

the plastic drawers were purchased, dividers were DIY-ed using packing material from mini men’s pyjamas, labels were printed out on A4 paper, cut out and secured to each bottle cap using trusty old scotch tape. yes, you have a right to be disgusted at me. i am unemployed and i don’t cook or do housework, that’s why i have time to do all these 😛

obviously i did these when mupig was napping lah..


my shoe cabinet also looked like shit.. so i had to do something about it as well..


replaced the mess with a stack of plastic drawers. plastic drawers are fast becoming my BFF :’D


finally applied the stickers from my lovely sis-in-law to the pink wall in the boys’ bedroom! i think the monkeys and pirates theme totally match my monkey kids and i also have a lion’s mane :’D


i made dinner for the family because i thought i should try to be a bit more virtuous maybe once a week (or a month?)?

the boys savoured my aesthetically-challenged dinner and that made me happy :’)


i just lost my appetite looking at this picture..

mini men


besides aspiring to be a bus driver, forklift operator, my kids also aspire to be barbers.. :’D


this week, i went through mupig’s homework with him and guided him on this assignment. he chose to draw mummy too!! 我好开心!但是有一个人很伤心。。

anyway his “mummy” has two eyes, some hair, and a big mouth. i would say it bears some resemblance to me.. especially the big-small eyes.. HAHA!

my week in pictures


OPI – The Color of Minnie is pure love. It applies like butter and is opaque in ONE coat. no kidding!


my Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment and Deep Repair Masque finally arrived this week! i haven’t tried the hair masque (it smells divine!) but the oil does a decent job in taming my frizzy lion mane :’D


the little fella in the lower-right corner is saying “靠!这么紧你也笑得出来!”

this shirt is a FAIL — i can’t wear it because it is like a push-up bra for my armpits  -_-||


self-shot of moi wearing the first wearable top i made :’D

i grade this a B! *dances*


mupig and me on our way to MRT station <3

yeah i know.. 这样也好拍?i’ve been deprived of a camera phone for waaaay too many years so i just snap snap snap whenever i feel like it :’D


this week, the haze was so bad that i sometimes feel like i’m living in some Chinese city… sobs..


the KFC Double Down Max “burger” is essentially a slice of bacon, a hashbrown, a slice of cheese sandwiched between two slabs of greasy deep-fried chicken. fat X says that it is a dream come true for all men. 原来男人的梦想是这么容易实现的!


hot macha latte with some sweet mochi-like sweet made with flour. the macha latte is nice <3


this is how i look like in the eyes of my 3-year-old son — bald, with one ear and no mouth..

but i’m secretly happy when he told me he drew me because “我喜欢妈咪” :’D

men’s shirt re-fashion


a boring men’s shirt in a lovely shade of pale peachy pink.

i cut off the sleeves, collar, and side seams and turned it into a breezy tank top for myself!


the back of the shirt now becomes the front of the blouse


and the front of the shirt is now the back of the blouse. the neck opening is big enough for my head so the buttons are mainly there for my husband to undress me on a hot night fun and laughter.


the neckline is finished using my favourite 80-cents bias tape X’D maybe i should replace the original buttons with something more interesting?


for some reason, i really like sleeveless tops with pleats at the front X’D


check out my neat stitches as well as awesome red nails :’D

20130416_07 SONY DSC

here’s some awful modeling pictures for you. please pardon my crazy hair and flabby arms.

unfortunately, although i am happy with this blouse, the fit is still a little off because it is too tight around my armpits.. 该减肥了~

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finally.. something i can wear!!!

i started this top more than a year ago — yes, you did not read wrongly, that is how sloooooow and unmotivated i was. the fabric is very thin and no matter how i tried i couldn’t get the tension right. i think it’s a difficult fabric for an inexperienced sewing machine user (i refuse to call myself sewer) like me.

[edit – oh thanks to The Great British Sewing Bee Ep01, now i know that this fabric is called seersucker! anything with suck in it can’t be easy eh?]


it’s a simple top which has undergone at least ten rounds of fitting so it fits me perfectly now :’D

i started off with a square top but the sleeves jutted out in an unflattering manner, so i sloped the shoulders. then the armholes looked weird so i curved it in until it fits me. then i had to tackle the lower half of the thing acting weird.. and meanwhile my boys started talking in sentences and were toilet-trained.. my elder boy went for a brain surgery and recovered.. and after shedding many tears of frustration etc blah blah blah.. and more than a year later, this blouse was finally finished :’D <– i can shed a single happy tear now!


i love the print! why else would i buy something that is so difficult to work with!


random photo of this pretty necklace. i think i bought it for a company DnD many years ago and have not worn it since.. heh..


the neckline was finished using 60cents bias tape thingy i bought from Chinatown. i don’t like making my own bias tape >m<


little slits at the sides.. because i am planning to wear this baby to a buffet lunch this sunday!

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if mommy was not around anymore..

one afternoon, junpig was throwing a tantrum and declared that he “doesn’t want mommy anymore

so i asked him..

if mommy was not around anymore, who would love you?
if mommy was not around anymore, who would wake you up every morning and kiss you on the lips despite your morning breath?
if mommy was not around anymore, who would hug you and comfort you when you have nightmares in the middle of the night?
if mommy was not around anymore, who would prepare you for school everyday?
if mommy was not around anymore, who would take you to the doctor and make sure you take your medication on time when you’re sick?
if mommy was not around anymore, who would sponge you throughout the night and monitor your temperature to make sure that your fever does not fry your brains?
if mommy was not around anymore, who would bring you to the playgrounds every weekend?
if mommy was not around anymore, who would celebrate with you when you miraculously end up with more lollypops than gor gor at the lollypop vending machine?
if mommy was not around anymore, who would clean you up after you make a mess of yourself?
if mommy was not around anymore, who would hug you, kiss you, pat you and sing to you every night?
if mommy was not around anymore, who would be your bolster every night?
if mommy was not around anymore, who would fight monsters while you sleep?

poor fella started crying when i was halfway through T_T

my week in pictures

the new obsession


my latest love –> glitter polish with jelly base!

after doing a lot of research online, i finally set my eyes on Tony Moly GS08, GS09, GS10!

i only paid SGD12.90 for a set of three colours (the other set is for my fellow polish-addict) but i was slightly disappointed when the seller gave me three bottles of GS10 and only one bottle of GS09. *sulks*


i was wearing 2 coats of OPI Glints of Glinda when the package arrived so i just applied GS09 and GS10 directly on top of it X’D i think GS09 and GS10 actually becomes indistinguishable on the nails, but the glitter for GS09 is much prettier and for some reason the glitters in GS10 refuse to leave the brush TuT


since i had nothing to do, i removed my polish and swatched again to see how these would look like without a base colour. hmmm, i actually like how these colours look on their own.

also, notice how pathetic the glitters on GS10 are!

also, while women my size wish for bigger boobies, i actually wish for bigger nails. yes, i’ve always admired women with bigger nails, i’m sure it feels nicer to paint on large nails!

so, my secret ambition is to paint the hubby’s nails while he’s sleeping. not that i haven’t done it before, heh..

the girlfriends


one rare photo of the girls and me. unfortunately, kummie was late and didn’t make it into this rare photo. next time, we must aim to take more photos of the human beings instead of the food X’D

the family


kids love bubbles and these are the perfect birthday party favours for mini people!


the twin pigs love their bubbles so much!


finally, someone is no longer afraid of the “eyes pillow” and actually says “i wanna hug it to sleep“. two days later, someone’s twin brother also declared that he is brave enough to hug the pillow.

which leaves me with no choice but to threaten using the mighty old cane again..


sesame salad dressing – the magic potion that made the hubby eat his greens! i say, it’s miracle in a bottle!


cesarean or natural birth? it’s a personal choice

so stop piling on the guilt on mothers who chose to go for cesarean.

going through the pregnancy is a big sacrifice for any woman – nausea and vomitting is a big issue for people who love eating, being fat and bloated is a big issue for people who love their toned abs, being hot and sweaty all the time is a big issue for peasants like me who need to get around using public transport (this means eco-friendly* buses and trains), being wrinkly in the tummy is a big issue for exhibitionists who enjoy prancing around in bikinis etc etc.. so a mother really does not need to prove her love further by having a natural birth sans pain-relieving options.

the vagina is hers, let her decide if she wants it to be cut. the cut will definitely heal faster than a nasty cesarean wound, but if you have the urge to move your bowels on the second or third day after giving birth, then you know which is the better option.

p/s: i was grinning ear-to-ear while taking a dump 2 days after delivering my twins via c-section.

*eco-friendly trains: when i went to Tokyo last summer, i was pleasantly-surprised by the amount of effort put in by shops/subway stations/trains in conserving energy. for a city with  summer temperatures hitting 37 degrees celsius, it is heart-warming to see people putting up with minimum air-conditioning for the sake of conserving energy. back in singapore, the island with temperate climate indoors and tropical climate outdoors, i realize that the only eco-friendly companies are the transport companies (actually it’s only SMRT). so far, i have only encountered eco-friendly SMRT trains and buses >m<