fixing a stained hem

on 8 June 2013, one of my best friends got married.

it was such a happy occasion and for some reason, i wanted to celebrate it by painting my nails red about 30 minutes before leaving the house. what was i thinking? seriously.

anyway, my best friend, Murphy, turned up uninvited and sent the nail polish brush flying off from my trembling hand onto the hem of my dress, before dropping on my white tiled floor.

definitely not the best thing to happen when one is about to leave the house to attend a wedding dinner.

and definitely not the best situation to be in when one has packed all of one’s formal dresses into boxes and are only left with that single dress good enough to wear to a formal dinner.

oh, well.

i survived the dinner by pulling out a white lace dress that did not require any ironing. but isn’t white the most inappropriate colour to wear to a wedding? ok, whatever.

so i was left with a perfectly fine dress that was stained with red nail polish that could not be lightened/removed.


being a frugal housewife, this was also like my “default” dress whenever i had to attend weddings so i was really reluctant to throw it away just because of a small but obvious stain at the hem.


close-up of the stain. gross, isn’t it?


after some magic with the sewing machine, the hem is now shortened and the stain hidden inside the new sewing seam. gosh, am i a genius or what?


this is a view of the inside of the hem. there is no magic involved. i merely pinched the hem inwards and sewed a line very close to the original stitches so that when viewed from the right side, it still looks the same (but shorter).

fixing a weird-looking top

i finally took neo sister’s advice and added a frilly bottom to the floral blouse.


how? do you think it looks less like pyjamas now?


i hemmed the blouse using a hemming foot which neo sister bought for me a few years ago. it’s like one of the best (sewing) inventions :’D

hazy skies

bloody indonesians have done it again.

we have been putting up with their selfish act for more than a decade.

the earliest episode i remember was during 1997, when i was still studying at Hwa Chong Junior College (now Hwa Chong Institute). it was also the worst episode if i remember correctly. at that time, a few of us had a shock when we came out of our classrooms located at the “left wing” of the main building, because the “right wing” looked like it was engulfed in some misty, hazy smoke. The two “wings” were less than 50 metres apart

( ̄□ ̄;)

PSI reading at that time was like 200-ish?

this year, the haze was so bad that the PSI reading was “record-breaking” for three consecutive days from the reading of 321 on Wednesday (19 June) night to 401 on Friday (21 June) afternoon.

check out how eeriely empty the road looked on Friday afternoon.


this picture below shows the view from my window on 20 June (PSI 300-ish?)


on 22 June, the PSI reading dropped to below 100, and the view from my window became so..


on 22 June, for the first time in more than a week, Singaporeans were able to catch a glimpse of the blue sky..


butcher’s aprons

mini men have been obsessed with “masak masak” (cooking) toys for the longest time, so it’s about time for them to own their own aprons.


matching mini aprons


i made some pockets for them, because a chef needs multiple pockets to carry his tools. irl, mr mupig carries his toy cars in the pockets X’D


oops! the aprons seem a little too short for them.. tb says they look like 卖猪肉的 (butchers). i can always count on him to give such unique feedback.

my first t-shirt!

everybody! say HI! to my first ever home-sewn t-shirt!

why do i sew t-shirt when i can buy it for cheap? because i can.

actually it’s because i was really bored (>m<)


neckline finished with bias tape.

armholes finished with fabric band — sorry, i have no idea how to describe it. it’s basically a long strip of fabric folded into half lengthwise. the two ends are then stitched together to form a circle that is as big as the armhole. the whole thing is then sewn onto the armhole.

see? that’s how good i am in explaining things X’D


close-up of the neckline — i love the red polka-dots bias tape so much! it reminds me of minnie mouse X’D

speaking of minnie mouse, i’ve been busy collecting the reds and hot pinks from OPI’s Minnie collaborations. red nails are awesome :’D


the material is very cheap and thin. i’ll probably wear this to sleep!

for my own future reference, i used the following settings on my sewing machine:

  • Stitch type: zigzag stitch
  • length: 2
  • width: 4

this combination seems to be able to hold the stretch pretty well 🙂

floral sleeveless top

when you live in a country that feels like a sauna all year round, you can never have too many sleeveless tops. right?


it’s a plain sleeveless top with a small pleat at the neckline, perfect for those humid summer days when your armpits need some airing :’D


meanwhile, check out the lovely print <3


neckline and armholes finished using bias tape.


no raw seams inside. because i like the insides to look as good as the outside. and also because i don’t want to be caught with raw edges in my home-made garments.


i love the print so much. unfortunately this just looks like a pyjamas top once i put it on >m<

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i heart naptime

arachnoid cyst :: MRI scan comparisons

finally managed to snap two photos off the doctor’s monitor *dances*

in each comparison, the scan on the left was taken last Nov, the scan on the right taken on 30 April this year (post-surgery MRI). all images are mirror-images of the actual brain, meaning the cyst is on the right of the head although it shows up as a white mass on the left in the scans.


The scan on the left freaked the shit out of me last year. i was alone with mupig when dr low (the neurosurgeon) came in to break the news to me. after highlighting all the scary bits, he finally told me he would come back again when tb was around because this was something so major, it would be good to have both parents around. yes, if your child’s right brain resembles a strip of bacon, i suppose that is quite major.

anyway, from the scan on the right, it’s pretty obvious that the right brain has expanded by a bit (^^). also, the grayish shadows within the main cyst shows that there is some movement of fluid within the cyst and the cyst pressure has reduced :’D


the cyst in the scan on the left is a very saturated white. this indicates that the fluid is very stagnant and the cyst is under high pressure.

on the other hand, the scan on the right shows some grayish shadows in the main cyst. also, note that the midline is slowly shifting back to where it should be *yayness*

dr low seems to be satisfied with mupig’s condition and says mupig will not need another MRI in the next six months X’D <– shedding tears of joy because each MRI will cost me at least $1,800.

meanwhile, mupig still has to follow-up with his ophthalmologist (fancy word for eye doctor)  and neurologist (fancy word for brain doctor).