sewing machine cover

my dear brother (sewing machine),


when i first laid eyes on you in June 2002, you stood out from the other sewing machines on display because of your low price tag attractive design and many wonderful functions. i bought you on the spot.

however, i seriously cannot remember how you ended up at my home then. a hardship such as carrying a home sewing machine all the way home from Woodlands (it’s the name of a town in Singapore, not a real woodland) on public transport would be forever etched in my memory, like childbirth. i vaguely remember giving birth to some babies but have no recollection of travelling on any form of transport with you. so who brought you home?

perhaps my fairy godmother secretly delivered you to my bedroom while i slept..

anyways, in the last 11 years, you have helped to fix my clothes that are too loose/long, sewed a new zipper for tb’s 200-baht bermudas, and also helped to sew up many bags, pouches,  clothes, and other random stuff for my family and friends. you are one great brother!


yesterday morning, i finally saw the sorry state your plastic cover was in :'( i immediately decided to make a new cover for you. my dear long-suffering sewing machine, you deserve to be covered in something more luxurious than the smelly piece of discoloured and torn plastic sheet.


*cut cut cut*

*sew sew sew*

*curse and unpick*

*sew sew sew*

*curse and unpick*

*sew sew sew*

how do you like your new cover?

from afar, you look just like a slouchy handbag. i hope you enjoy looking like a slouchy handbag because i am too lazy to make something sturdier for you i heard that it is the latest trend in sewing machine fashion 😀

hey look! an opening has been specially made at the top of the cover for your lovely handle to stick out.

ooooh, you can also lift up the flap in front to reveal a huge-ass pocket to keep your foot pedal and cables in pristine, dust-free condition. how thoughtful i am..

thank you for serving me without any complaints in the last 11 years. as a reward, your new friends (overlock foot and invisible zipper foot) are making their way here as i type. because i am a cheapskate frugal housewife, i have opted for free international shipping, so you might have to wait a little more for their arrival. but i promise you, my dear brother, we’re gonna have SO MUCH FUN when they arrive <3

sorbetto with lace accent and sleeves

after seeing at least a hundred pictures of the sorbetto top all over the Internet, i finally mustered the courage to click on the “Print” button on the PDF pattern that was downloaded ages ago.

this is my first time printing out a full pattern and i’m glad i printed the test square first, because i only managed to get the correct print settings on my FIFTH try. yes, you may call me IT-savvy :’D

so i spent yesterday morning sewing up a muslin and adjusting the sleeves and bust darts. The free sleeve pattern i downloaded was too big for me, so i pinched the top and bottom to create a “puffy sleeve” look. i also adjusted the bust darts by shifting the angle and shortening the length as the original darts were too long and low for me.

then i spent the whole afternoon cutting up the fabric and sewing up the actual blouse.

now, on to the headless photos!

3/4 front view. the blouse looks a little too short.. i am very tempted to add a short row of ruffles at the bottom X’D

i love the sleeves!

front view

ample room at the back

dangling leisurely on a wire hanger

i sewed down two rows of lace on the front of the blouse to make it look less plain. cotton lace is from DAISO. the neck is binded using my favourite 60-cent bias tape.

a closer look at the pleats in the sleeve

outfit idea?

many many tissue pouches

last week, i was suddenly bored of my life as a full-time slacker.. so i dug out some leftover fabrics and started to cut cut cut, sew sew sew..

i managed to harvest 14 tissue pouches out of the fabrics :’D

20130807_01 20130807_02 20130807_0320130807_04 20130807_05 20130807_06

each pouch comes with an opening for tissue paper and an additional pocket for stuff.

except for the pink blue (something is wrong with my eyes nowadays) and purple pouches, the other 12 pouches were cut from a single piece of fabric from ikea. i managed to squeeze out many different designs from the leftover fabric (about 1m x 1m?)!!