i want my own twin brother *sulks*

mupig is such an obliging and loving brother towards junpig!

a few days ago junpig was playing by himself when he decided that it was a good day to celebrate his birthday so he started shouting “EVERYBODY COME! IT’S MY BIRTHDAY PARTY!”

mupig was minding his own business at that time but he walked over anyway. junpig the bossy baby then said “it’s my birthday, sing me a song!”

and… mupig started to sing..

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to miao miao
Happy Birthday to you..

祝你生日快乐 ~
祝你生日快乐 ~
祝你生日快乐 ~
祝你生日快乐 ~

i wish i had such a loving twin :’)

tutorial >> 10-minute maternity skirt


being financially-challenged this year, i have been doing lots of research on making my own maternity clothes. my favourite links are:

most of the skirts involve sewing the body of the skirt to a folded tube of knit or elastic band. my inspiration for this sewing project came from this no-sew belly band tutorial. today, i am sharing my own tutorial because i have not seen any article on this method of sewing on the waist-band ^_^;

most importantly, this sewing project cost me NOTHING because i am recycling my old, unwearable clothing into something wearable, so i get new clothes without spending any monies. WIN!

PREPARATION :: find something from your closet to refashion

20131125_01 20131125_02
some stretchy camisole singlets. these are 5% spandex, size XS/S and can fit over my UK10 ass comfortably. be sure to get camisoles that contain spandex as these are more stretchy and will fit your growing body.

20131125_03 20131125_04
unwearable dresses. the denim dress was too tight at the top and the grey dress was too freaking short to wear without accidentally exposing my underwear.

EXPECTED RESULT :: cute and comfortable maternity skirts!

visualize your desired end product. it helps you to achieve what you want! 

STEP 1 :: cut off the top of the dress (optional: keep it for future refashions!)

how much to cut depends on the desired length of your skirt. remember to add seam allowance!

STEP 2 :: cut off the top of the camisole
i wanted a tall waistband that can be folded down so i cut the camisole just under the armholes.

you will be left with a tube of stretchy fabric. try to pull it over your belly and see if it fits over your butt and belly.

STEP 3 :: sew down the side seams of the skirt portion
after cutting off the top part of the dress, the stitches of the side seams may come off, secure the seams of the skirt by back-stitching at the waist.

STEP 4 :: put the skirt inside the waistband tube
with both the skirt and waistband’s right-sides facing out, place the skirt inside the waist tube.

pin at the side seams and centre of the front and back. i find that using 4 pins is quite sufficient. the more pins i use, the higher my chances of getting pricked and i do not enjoy bleeding :'(

STEP 5 :: start sewing!
starting at one of the pins, carefully place the sewing machine needle down and remove the pin. i used a zigzag stitch with 1.5 width and 2.5 length. pull the next pin towards you, as shown in the picture above, and step on the sewing pedal!

this is how the skirt looks like after sewing. not very neat, and my thread does not match the fabrics. but.. WHO CARES? it’ll be hidden anyway 😛

STEP 6 :: finish the edges
using a serger or zigzag stitch, finish the edges of the skirt so that it doesn’t fray in the wash. i am using a zigzag stitch with 5.0 width and 2.0 length. also, i have been using this
awesome overlock foot for all my “overlocking needs”. it is the best solution for folks who don’t own any overlock machines!

this is how your seams will appear after you “overlock” them.

when turned right-side out, the skirt looks weird with an extremely tall “inside-out” waist band and a normal skirt portion. don’t worry, because the correct way of wearing this skirt is to…

pull down the waistband to a level you’re comfortable with.

since we preserved the original hem of the camisole, it actually looks like you’re wearing a long camisole. i will post modeling pictures when mr X is free to be my photographer XD

this was the first skirt i made..

i really love how this turned out so i decided to make a second skirt and turn it into a tutorial. hope it’s useful for any mummies-to-be out there!


if you find the waistband a little too plain, you can also create a ruched waistband by sewing one strip of elastic down each side seam.


seeing how easy it is to make my own maternity skirts, i will NEVER pay $50+ for a maternity skirt again X’D

sorbetto top –> maternity top


remember this Colette Sorbetto top i made some time ago?

now that i am growing a belly and without a job, it’s not so practical to spend $50 on a new maternity top so i pieced together whatever remnants of this brown polka-dots fabric i had left and transformed it into…

front view

close-up of the front. after spacing out the pleats, i just sewed on the bottom of the blouse to the top and then top-stitched to re-inforce the seam.

back-view.  the back is made of different pieces of fabric because i had run out of fabrics X’D

next week, i will be sharing two DIY maternity skirts which i refashioned from old camisoles and dresses!


sorbetto dress with frilly sleeves

i started on this dress in September and left it with unfinished sleeves because i thought it looked too blah without any sleeves but i did not have enough fabric to draft sleeves

note to self: next time if you see a nice fabric, just go ahead and buy 2 metres.

so this dress hung over my chair for almost two months, untouched and unloved while i battled stomach flu, body aches, general lethargy and felt totally unmotivated to do anything to finish the dress.

i couldn’t bear to throw it away because i love this fabric so much..

this morning i finally salvaged two strips of scraps and turned them into frilly sleeves for the dress! <– the idea of frilly sleeves came from my mum, who has been nagging at me to “just finish the damned thing already” every time she drops by my place :’D

sorbetto dress
i would have loved a fuller skirt.. but this was the best i could do with the limited fabric i had.. *sulks*

this is my first time making frilly sleeves and i think it’s pretty easy!! i used a rolled hem foot to finish the edges of the sleeves.

here’s Ms Fatty modeling the completed dress.

hmmm… i think i’ll need to modify the pattern and make it into an empire waist dress to fit my big tummy 😛