floral maternity top + shorts

i sewed a maternity top and shorts before going back to full-time work, because who knows if i’ll ever get to do any sewing once i start working?

maternity top

the pattern is self-drafted. basically the top part is a cropped a bodice that fits me (hopefully for a few more weeks at least), while the bottom part is just a long strip of fabric that is curved longer in the front to accommodate the baby bump. armholes and neck finished using ready-made binding so it’s a really easy project 🙂

20131231_01 20131231_02
i love floral fabrics. the stitches are not really visible even though i used an obiang bright yellow thread X’D

i enclosed an elastic band to make the “waistband”


here’s proof that my husband takes very blurry photos X’D

20131231_09 20131231_08

maternity shorts

the shorts are also self-drafted based on a pair of shorts that fit well. one big lesson learnt is that a pregnant bum is VERY GIGANTIC.

the shorts uses some old camisole as a waistband. it is freaking comfortable for nuah-ing at home :’D

i love the stitching on the pockets so was reluctant to give it up when the bum was too tight. in the end, i had to sew on extra pieces of fabrics at the back to accommodate my fat ass XD 

the two extra lines of stitching is where i attached the extra fabric XD

LOVE my pockets!
super comfortable for lazing at home 😀


oh and before i go off, here’s a photo of moi modelling the DIY maternity skirt.

the picture was taken when i was 15 weeks pregnant and still fits well now (20 weeks). i hope it can last me till the end of the pregnancy, hate spending my hard-earned money on maternity clothes! X’D

feeling blessed


although many people have warned me against having another boy (as if i can decide the gender..) i do not really mind having another boy because of how easy the twins have been 🙂

yes, they do drive me crazy with their incessant whining (on bad days) and give me bad headaches with their loud conversations and singing (everyday). but i’m glad that they’re not rough (they don’t bite, don’t hit each other), they’re not demanding (they’re really used to not getting what they want LOL), and they are loving (when i look upset, they immediately rush forward to offer pats and kisses).

mupig is also the most loving elder twin i’ve seen. when we were having dinner at a tze char stall one night, junpig was having trouble finishing his food, so my mil took the LAST PIECE of gu lu rou on junpig’s plate and offered it to mupig. mupig looked interested but did not eat it. instead, he looked at junpig and asked “miao miao, do you want?” and only ate the piece of meat after his brother replied “no, i don’t want this.

whereas most children demand instant gratification, i have trained the pigs to wait for the things they want. the amount of junk toys they’ve accumulated really pisses me off so i do not really like to let them play with new toys. as a delay tactic, i promised the pigs to let them play with their new toys from Shinagawa Aquarium (we bought these last July, so they waited a freaking 17 months to open these toys X’D!) on Christmas Day 2013.

they kept their promise by not opening the toys, so i kept my promise by letting them unbox the toys this christmas :’D

on boxing day, mupig suddenly remembered some new toys and asked me if he could play with them. i told him that he could only play with the new toys when we throw out some old ones and HE ACTUALLY NODDED AND SAID “OKAY, MUMMY”

i thank god everyday for blessing me with these children. and i hope they stay innocent for as long as possible.. and be loving and healthy and happy all the time 🙂