sew therapeutic :’)

the last two weeks hasn’t been a walk in the park for me.

it started with fat X who contracted the stomach flu from hell. in a nutshell, he had diarrhoea about 30 times on the first day, 15 times on the second day, and 5 times on the third day before he went back to work on the fourth day. i would have checked into a hospital after the first day.

when the wife is sick, the wife suffers on her own. but when the husband is sick, the poor wife becomes a mother to the husband and wakes up in the middle of the night to check his temperature, massages him with nice-smelling essential oils to make him feel better and sleep better, nags at him everyday to ensure he sticks to a strict diet of plain porridge and not things like fried eggs and luncheon meat with porridge.

thankfully, fat X survived the ordeal without infecting anyone else :’D

unfortunately, another mysterious virus hit mini men last weekend and they had 40-degree fevers for 3-4 days. that, my dears, translates to more sleepless nights for 老娘.

today, the mini men were finally well enough to go back to school and i spent all my free time sewing.

this is oh-so-therapeutic :’)

i transformed a very old shirt into a bean pillow (top left), a pair of baby pants (top right, in case it’s not obvious to you), and a pillowcase (bottom). because i am oh-so-lazy, i merely cut out a rectangle from the shirt without removing the pocket or buttons. the buttons act as an opening for inserting the pillow X’D

i take sucky pictures. but this is a closer shot of the pillowcase that comes with pocket and two buttons XD

and since i have an overlocker now, i must overlock ALL THE THINGS. so i made the actual bean pillow by overlocking on all four edges of the casing. super convenient!

baby pants. what else can i say about these? erm.. they remind me of old-man unperpants?

another pillowcase made using a small piece of japanese fabric which i had been saving since my last pregnancy X’D

i also made a square top for myself using the leftover fabric from baby summer’s dress. the pattern is simple but i walked about 100 times to and fro between my sewing room and bedroom just to test out the fit.

the neckline is bound using my favourite 80-cents bias binding X’D

the armholes are just overlocked, turned inside, and then stitched in place. i love my overlocker!

no, obviously a top made from half metre of fabric would not fit over my 35-week pregnant belly. this is meant to be worn when baby summer is wearing her dress! X’D