summer’s arrival <3

the pregnancy
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this pregnancy was not easy. i was very blessed to be a stay-at-home person during the first trimester when the nausea was at its worst and i contracted all kinds of viruses that resulted in fevers (you can’t get any more miserable than that during your pregnancy). my appetite was screwed as well and the only food i ate was plain porridge or luncheon meat (zero-nutrient junk food) sandwich (for carbo) with an egg (for protein) and cheese (for calcium).

in the second trimester, i started working again and i actually felt good because i love money the nausea was gone and the singleton tummy didn’t bother me at all. i ate a lot and walked home from work every evening. i didn’t feel any body aches or pain except for the occasional lower ab pain towards the end of the second trimester.

the third trimester was a different story. the nausea and loss of appetite came back. although the tummy wasn’t particularly huge, i somehow developed bad backaches and tailbone pain. the tailbone pain was so bad that it kept me awake at night >m< the weird loss of appetite meant that my breakfast choices were limited to KFC or McDonalds. for some reason, i just felt nauseated after breakfast unless i had some quality fast food for breakfast XD and this sort of explains how i gained so much weight despite carrying only one baby

the arrival

baby summer was delivered via c-section surgery on 8 May. the main reason was because she was already 39 weeks and i’ve had enough of being pregnant for what seems like forever and my doctor was going on leave on 9 May and i didn’t want any strange person doing the delivery for me XD

the surgery was scheduled to start at 8.30am and we (meaning fat X and cJ) arrived at the hospital at 7am sharp as instructed. however, things got a bit delayed because i was still undecided on whether to proceed with the ligation procedure. at 8.25am the OT team called and kaopeh advised us to proceed to the OT as the surgeon was already there.

one delay led to another (for some reason, they also could not find my documents for the cord blood donation) and baby summer only arrived at 9.13am.

after summer was born, she was placed on my bare chest for an hour and it was the most amazing experience i ever had 😀 she was so tiny, so pink, so perfect.

the pictures

this is a collage made by neo sister. at birth, summer did not look like the mini men at all!

summer’s first photo with papa and mama

summer and the twins

junpig wrote a message for me on mothers’ day X’D

mupig and his mothers’ day message <3

mupig happily carrying his new sibling

junpig happily carrying his new sibling

summer was born with receding hairline TuT i hope her hair grows out soon

sleeping like an angel

summer deep in thoughts while lying on papa’s chest

tiny toes

perfect little fingers

pretty little feet

her foot was only slightly larger than my favourite essential oil!