going natural :)

how it began

it all started when i got pregnant last september. suddenly, everything that contained some sort of artificial fragrance disagreed with me. these include shampoo, conditioner, shower foam, laundry detergent, laundry softener, floor cleaner and even my skincare products, which unfortunately contained tons of fragrance as i switched to cheap korean products when i stopped working X’D

that was when i stopped caring about personal hygiene started to explore what i could use to keep myself clean X’D

dr bronner’s soap

the first product i tried was the famous Dr. Bronner’s castile soaps (i bought mine from this seller in Qoo10 – not affiliated to her in anyway, but i think it’s the cheapest Dr. Bronner’s in SG). i started using the soap as a body wash, face wash, and shampoo. obviously, i preferred staw-like hair to puking in the shower, but it was surprisingly great as a facial and body wash though!

after consulting the internet, i even started to use it on my laundry and this helped to prevent me from puking when putting on my clothes :’D


somewhere in my first trimester, a close friend introduced me to eu yan sang skincare (you can order the products online and have them delivered to your doorstep! and no, this is not an affiliated link, just sharing because why would you want to carry your own birds nest, chicken essence, facial cleansers etc when someone can deliver them to you?)

according to friends who were also using this brand of skincare, there is almost no scent. but my sharp and sensitive nose picked up quite a distinct scent back then. fortunately my stomach did not react to the scent and so i continue to use this brand till this day 😀

i have tried the birds nest series, the ginseng eye cream and facial foam. the products are gentle and great for my dehydrated skin without causing any greasiness and blackouts! WIN!

oh and all the skincare products are free from parabens, fragrance and SLS!

essential oils

around my first trimester, i was falling sick every week and also really sick of having the twins fall sick ALL THE TIME, so i finally decided to try the increasing popular Thieves blend from Young Living (an MLM company). it took my friend almost a year to convince me to buy my first bottle because i am always skeptical when it comes to MLMs.

but then, the products really worked (!!!) and i started buying more and more. in the 11 months of using various essential oils, junpig has contracted HFMD just once (and recovered in like 1 day). although both of them developed a mysterious 40-degree fever sometime during my third trimester but that cleared up in 3 days (it used to take a week for them to recover from such mysterious high fevers). also, fat X was the only one who came down with different bugs each month while the kids and I continue to be well protected by the oils!

the most awesome thing is.. while applying the oils for the twins, i somehow benefited from the oils because i stopped falling sick for the rest of my pregnancy! in fact, the only time i had to see a GP was like two months ago when i had mastitis while trying to stop breastfeeding!

so yeah.. moral of the story is –> before you condemn something, do give it a try!


my 5 favourite oils throughout my pregnancy (L to R):

Joy – great as a mood-lifter. i can’t describe the shitty emotions i was going through during and after the pregnancy. but this *really* helped. especially during massive crying episodes. Joy! Oh, Joy!
Lavender – rubbed on soles before bed, this helped me fall asleep more easily even after my 100th visit to the loo at night!
Valor – this is super for back pain! (i was one of the unfortunate ones to suffer from tailbone pain during this pregnancy. it was a pain like no other.)
Gentle Baby – i started using Gentle Baby for my backaches when Valor went oos. it helped a little but the soothing scent is the real reason why i love it so much that i bought a backup bottle (in case it goes oos. as Young Living gains popularity, many of the oils also go oos pretty fast :P)
Peppermint – a drop under the tongue is all it takes to stop the giddiness and vomiting urge! in fact, i HAD to bring this to work everyday in my last trimester!


most useful oils for my kids (L to R):

Purification – I mainly diffuse this oil to purify the air (when fat X is sick and i do not want the twins to catch the virus from him) and to keep mozzies away!
Thieves – there are many uses for thieves but i mainly rub it onto the soles for the twins at bed time. i also made a simple spray and spray it all over the twins’ clothes and bedsheets (the sheets they bring to school) to prevent them from catching weird viruses while in school.
Breathe Again – great for congested airways and i really like the smell XD
RC – i diffuse RC and also apply it on the twins’ chests and backs to help manage night time coughs.
Lavender – not pictured here. Lavender is AWESOME as a first-aid oil, anti-histamine, and relaxing oil. i have used it on wounds and scrapes on the knees, wounds inside the mouth (when one falls flat on the face, one inevitably ends up with some cuts inside the mouth), allergic conjunctivities. i also drip a drop onto baby summer’s bedsheet every night to make her sleep better (i may jinx myself by typing it out but IT REALLY WORKS! *keeps fingers crossed in case i jinx myself*)


lastly, i would like you guys to meet my new friend:

Deep Relief – i was diagnosed with de Quervain’s tenosynovitis about a month ago and thought that it would get better after i went back to work. the pain did not improve and got worse. i have been using PanAway for about a week but it didn’t help much. when my order of Deep Relief arrived yesterday i started using it immediately. while the pain is not eliminated completely, it does provide some relief from the pain! Also, roller cap FTW!
i am praying that the inflammation quickly goes away 🙁


since i felt nauseated whenever i was in the shower, i skipped using conditioner altogether throughout my pregnancy. meanwhile i was also reading up on no-poo. while i was keen to try it out, i wasn’t so keen to be seen in public during the “transition period” where your hair and scalp simply goes crazy until some balance is established.

i then decided that my maternity leave provided the best opportunity for me to experiment with no-poo!

i was already using dr bronner’s as a shampoo somewhere in my pregnancy and while i was glad i could still wash my hair without choking on the smell of the shampoo, i wasn’t really happy with hair that feels and look like straw. i continued to use it despite all the problems it was giving me (dry hair, oily and itchy scalp). but the last straw came when i realized that i had DANDRUFF.

then i tried the baking soda and vinegar rinse for a while. didn’t like it and was on the verge of switching back to commercial shampoos when i chanced upon SHAMPOO BARS while shopping on iherb!! I buy a fuckload of stuff from iherb nowadays. (Use the code ZNQ770  to get $10 off your first purchase and also help me earn some credits for my next purchase! 😛


(although this isn’t exactly no-poo) i have been using these babies for about a month now and i think this is it :’D

the soap lathers really well and smells mild but pleasant (the fragrance does not linger on your hair after rinsing off). hair feels squeaky when wet (in hokkien i would describe it as siab siab) but dries soft and clean. since my hair does not tangle i don’t use any conditioner at all.

i bought Damaged Hair Formula, Virgin Coconut and Argan Oil, and Old-Fashioned Bar Shampoo and i’m still at my first bar. Since I’ve gotten used to the squeaky feeling it’s actually my perfect solution now 😉

what i can’t give up

nail polish.

nail polish.

nail polish.

i love painting my nails and i love looking at my painted nails XD

i also love to just pull out one of my nail polish drawers and admire.. hee hee..

P/S: i discovered wordpress app, installed it on my phone, completed this blog post, published it, edited it, and then ACCIDENTALLY DELETED IT (how stupid can i get?). the app makes it so convenient to blog from my phone (who has time to sit in front of a computer nowadays?) but the RTE sucks TuT