Strike a pose



I snapped a few pictures of the twins playing with their new tote bags sewn with quilted cotton. When reviewing the photos I realised that my little junpig 拍照真的很有 FEEL! so I cropped out Mupig from the pics and added random effects XD

Arachnoid cyst :: latest scan


Brave young man went for his third mri on 27 Nov. It was the first time he tried it without GA. Although it was a success, he was totally traumatised by the injections and said he does not want to do anymore mri because “打针很痛” (injection hurts) T.T

It was much longer than I had expected. Internet, YOU LIED TO ME. Internet said that it would take about 20 minutes? But it sounded too good to be true so i was mentally prepared for maybe 30 or 40 minutes but the whole ordeal actually took 1.5 hours.

No wonder I felt like dying. Not being a sissy but I was standing throughout and had to bend my body so that I could reach into the tunnel to comfort the poor young man >.<

The review with neurosurgeon was on 17 Dec. As you've probably seen from the image above. The cyst is still the same.

Mupig's condition is now stabilised. It has not gotten worse. We have been very blessed and i hope and pray that he will continue to be well in the many years to come.



1 – soft toy for baby
2 – stamps inside metal box
3 – stainless steel one-push bottle
4 – microwaveable boxes with small handkerchief
5 – small face towel

My “surprise” Christmas pretties arrived on Christmas eve. The smart tb had been stalking my online shopping after i dropped hints on how NOT to get something I dun like :’D

Happy Christmas and i hope you’re loving your gifts this year too!

Another baby dress


Erm yes. . The dress in the previous post was a muslin for this dress! Also, I need to work on my ironing skills.

And I think I was really in the mood today because I made both in a day! You see.. it was rainy and all the kids were napping while i was stepping furiously on the pedal. So yay for rainy days!!

How clever of me to hang the dress on a cane hor.. hee hee..

The top of the skirt is completely concealed within the bodice and the seams are selvage edges so there was no need to finish any edges!

I used elastic to pull the skirt together and I think I will never use the normal “pull the thread and gather the fabric” method again. That method always makes me swear but this elastic method? It is fast and easy and it does not make me swear so it’s good 😀

If you find this fabric a little familiar, it’s because I used it for this tiny blouse last year (before I was pregnant with the babe). And if you’re wondering what happened to that blouse..


The babe wore it for about a month before she outgrew it. That’s what I dun like about woven fabric (besides being wrinkly), it doesn’t stretch so when the baby has grown fatter the clothes have to go 🙁

Despite everything, it was a comfortable blouse as the cotton was light and soft.


See? It was so comfortable that she could even sleep in it 😉

Anyway my new camera (sony alpha 5000) arrived today and it is AWESOME.  I can now send the photos directly to my phone for blogging. love love love!

Also love the WordPress app which I have been using for a few months now :’D

Life’s good!

Dress from scraps


it’s a beautiful saturday and.. I made baby summer a tiny dress using scrap fabrics my mil gave me! My mil works in the fabric industry but she mainly deals with fabrics for men’s dress shirts. How awesome would it be if she could like also bring me some pretty floral fabrics!


Didn’t have enough to line the bodice so i used another piece of scrap. I love making baby dresses, you need so little fabric!

Happy Saturday!

The great realization

Yesterday was somewhat special. It was the year – end concert for the twins’ school. All of us were terribly excited about it because they might be five years old but it was their first time on stage! (Remember how often they used to suffer from hfmd? They “happened to” contract it around last year’s event and we had to give it a miss)

While other mothers were quietly wiping away their tears of pride when seeing their little ones perform on stage, I was struggling to contain the gush of emotions when the biggest realization of the day hit me hard.


Yes, we do not have a single decent video or photo of the boys on the stage because the camera was such a piece of crap.

Should have just focused on enjoying the whole performance instead of struggling with the camera (it was a lost cause anyway. . )


Anyways, here’s ending with a totally irrelevant photo of my shoes. Happy Sunday!