Junpig 语录

Junpig: mummy how many years old are you now? 35 or 36?
Cj: 36
Junpig: but your birthday haven’t over leh, you should be 35 lah.

Omfgz that distinct singlish grammar and that calculative attitude towards age! 我真的是”打不累大汗”!

Happy new year!!


Happy new year, every birdie!!

2014 has certainly been a year of change for me. New job, new baby, new car, new camera and a new post-baby body that i still struggle to come to terms with >.< Here's a little conversation I had with junpig 5 minutes ago.. Cj: 妈咪要带妹妹出去,把她卖掉。 Junpig: 不可用!因为妹妹是我的 LOVE!