Mupig + Junpig 语录

So today we were at a coffeeshop when 3 elderly Indian ladies started to chat them up..

I caught Junpig telling them that “I am very good in my studies”.. so after the ladies left I reminded him to be humble. He didn’t know what it means and Mupig explained that “when you are humble you are not proud”.. then Junpig asked me a tough one “why must we learn to be humble?”

I didn’t know how to answer that so fat x suggested telling them about the story of Redhill.

So I did and guess what? 1. They knew about the story and completed it for me. 2. Junpig nonchalantly declared that it’s not a true story because the soil is red due to the presence of iron oxide, not because of the little boy’s blood. 3. Mupig added that the Sultan was a barbarian.