Random thought

Sometimes, we spend way too much time treading and staying afloat when we really should be getting out of the water.

After all, not all of us are sea animals. Some of us might be happier living on land or flying in the air.

Interview with kiki

I saw my cousin posting this set of interview questions on Facebook and thought it would be fun to try with kiki!


What makes Mummy happy?

Kiki: Love

What makes Mummy sad?

Kiki: No love.

How tall is Mummy?

Kiki: Super tall!

What is Mummy’s favorite thing to do?

Kiki: Drawing!

What is Mummy’s favorite food?

Kiki: Spicy noodles

What is Mummy’s favorite drink?

Kiki: Coffee!

If Mummy could go anywhere, where would she go?

Kiki: Vivocity

Do you think you could live without Mummy?

Kiki: NO!

What is Mummy’s job?

Kiki: Drawing?

How old is Mummy?

Kiki: Erm.. lemme think for a minute.. (after a bit of time)… FORTY-SIX!

What is Mummy’s favorite color?

Kiki: Pink!

How much do you love Mummy?

Kiki: Ten thousand love!