My first nagomi pastel art portrait

Lalala~ here’s how I spent last Saturday doing what I love!

I started with a quiet lunch at nana’s green tea
The sky was so pretty!
Literally 蓝天白云!
Approaching Arab Street
And the destination!!!
Filling in the eyes first because the eyes are the most important part of a portrait!
I took a picture before drawing the lashes because I was so worried about ruining it.
With the lashes!
The teacher’s portrait on the left, mine on the right!
Teacher Gina and I!

I can’t stop raving about Teacher Gina! She is soooooo patient and she has magic fingers that can turn all my mistakes into smooth blended shading lol!

Also, Teacher Gina actually stayed back for almost 2 hours to help me finish up the portrait because I was like aiyah the face already done liao so I shall just anyhow draw the ears and clothes lah but she managed to save those too!!! hee hee hee..

Therefore I’m attending her basic features drawing class tomorrow!! Hope I can learn more useful tips! like how to hold a pencil properly cos I realised I’ve been holding my pencil wrongly while drawing!

More nana green tea ❤❤❤ hope I can finish the class up by 8pm!

More info on nagomi art classes can be found on this website!