arachnoid cyst part 1 — what the fuck?

I managed to grab the text from google’s cached results, so I’m re-posting the entries on arachnoid cyst here.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


on 18 Nov, we warded sen into the hospital in preparation for his MRI on the next day.

having endured the pains of a shared ward in a children’s hospital last year, i was jumping with joy when the admissions officer told me that we were able to get a single ward! we were so lucky!

the room was newly-renovated, very very clean and the decoration was so cheerful. i lazed around the room while sen explored the new surroundings.

the MRI went ahead as planned on the next day.

sen began to fast at 12noon and at around 4pm, we were told to go down to wait for sen’s turn to undergo GA and MRI.

sen, being the sweetie pie he is, followed the anesthetist’s instructions and fell asleep within a minute without any struggle. everyone in the team was surprised because the anesthetist was just explaining to me how to handle a struggling child who might get confused just before knocking out when sen just fell asleep without any struggle.

i gave him a quick “see you later” kiss and went back to the ward, where i started to cry. it’s such a strange feeling to see your child lying unconscious on the hospital bed. i couldn’t help but cry.

an hour passed and i received a call from the MRI staff. sen had woken up and was crying for mummy.

i rushed down to see my child looking confused and scared. he was screaming “mummy 呀!mummy 呀!”

while waiting for sen to do the MRI, i had already packed our belongings and was getting ready to be discharged (because i only applied for 1-day leave). so i was a little annoyed when the staff at the MRI department refused to let us leave. they mentioned something about informing the neurosurgeons about sen’s scan and the neurosurgeons wanted to see us but they were performing an operation etc etc.. why didn’t i notice that something was wrong?

then back at the ward, a nurse came and monitored sen’s blood pressure. she said they were supposed to monitor him for 24 hours and i was like “wtf, let us go home already!

anyway, much to my annoyance, we stayed for another day.

the next morning, ward doctor came and broke the news to me. he said while the official report was not out yet, the imaging team found a large cyst in sen’s brain.

i vaguely remember asking him about the size of the cyst and he mentioned 16cm.

i got angry and told him to stop being ridiculous. how can my child have a cyst that is 16cm? it’s bigger than a (15cm) ruler, i argued.

the poor doctor apologised to me and said that he could have  remembered wrongly and gave me the wrong measurement.

well, he did not remember wrongly.

the neurosurgeon came in a while later and showed me the MRI images — the cyst in sen sen’s head was indeed more than 16cm big.. KNN..

my mind just went blank and i badly wanted to slap myself in the hopes that i would suddenly wake up and find myself having a nightmare..

i called tb and told him “there is a freaking big cyst in sen sen’s brain. come to the hospital now.

the neurosurgeon then left and said he would be back to explain things to us in greater detail..

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