Mupig 语录 + eye check

You may want to think thrice before deciding to have a kid.

(At a very crowded hospital clinic. I told him to wait outside the consultation room while i went to the toilet)
Mupig: mummy where are you going? 你要大便啊?

(At the underwear aisle at uniqlo store)
Mupig: *touching the undies on display* mummy, what is your size? Do you wear M or L mummy?

(Inside mrt cabin. There was one reserved seat and i told him to sit down.)
Mupig: *looks up at the sign. Sees the pic of a pregnant lady* mummy this is a reserved seat. It’s for you mummy.
Cj: I am not pregnant! Sit down!

The results of eye check were good. Everything looks normal and there are no signs of swelling of the nerves 🙂

2 comments on “Mupig 语录 + eye check

  1. Debbie Cramer on said:

    Google Translate is a gift from God.
    Hahahahahahahaha @ no.1 lah.
    I’m even starting to speak Singlish!

    • cJ on said:

      Yeah that no.1 :’D
      very soon you’ll have your own collection of “embarrassing things my son says in public” 😉