Twins 语录

Junpig: Tomorrow is Friday leh.

Mupig: Friyay. Because Friday is a happy day.

One comment on “Twins 语录

  1. Catherine on said:

    My name is Catherine…i came across your blog when i was searching for arachnoid cyst informations.

    May i know which hospital that your son went to for the surgery? How is your son doing so far after the surgery? Any complication after surgery?

    My son went for ct scan and showed that he has arachnoid cyst on the right temporal and the size is about 5cm..he will go for 1st mri scan next mth …i’m kind of worry and don’t know what else i can do besides than just wait for the result of the mri scan next month.

    I wud like to hear from u more abt the cyst and how you went thru the pre and post surgery (anything that is important and not mention in your blog)…

    Thank you.