Staycations at FURAMA

On the twins birthday, we had our THIRD furama staycation so I figured it’s about fucking time I blogged about this hotel!

The first time we stayed at this hotel, we booked 2 separate rooms because at that time I was not aware of the family package. After our first stay, we were very impressed with the food at the Square restaurant as well as the indoor kids playground Waka Waka,  so we decided to have another staycation during the March school holidays. 

This was when I discovered the FAMILY THEME ROOMS! 

Some of the best things about the FAMILY THEME ROOMS/SUITES are:

  • Free buffet breakfast for parents and kids
  • Free buffet dinner for parents and kids
  • Free 30 mins play at Waka Waka for each day of your stay. 30 mins is not enough BUT you can get discounted tickets through the hotel for all your kids!
  • Complimentary milk 
  • Complimentary toiletries for kids. Kiki loves the free toothbrush and tooth paste. She is a true-blue teochew. 

Family Theme Room

The room we got for our second stay was pirate themed and it was freaking awesome! 

Kids went crazy over the bunk bed. I did too. Hee hee..

The room was quite cosy.. twins playing Xbox,  kiki enjoying her milk on the slouch bean bag, and fat X nuahing on the couch.. 

Family Theme Suite

For our third stay, we checked in on the twins birthday, we were offered an upgrade to a suite by topping up $80. The staff brought us to the theme room as well as the theme suite so that we could decide on which to get. 

After viewing both, we decided to upgrade since the price difference was not too big!

Kids room with the bunk bed, tv,  and Xbox 

A cute little tent by the side of the bunk bed

The main bedroom with a king sized bed and the mesh cover which we both found pretty annoying lol.

Birthday cake for the twins and cupcakes for the three kids.

Happy twins with their birthday cake. 

Pretty mummy with the three little pigs. 

After checkout, we went to the kids favourite playground – Waka Waka! 

Furama Riverfront is only 5 minutes drive from our home but someone was so tired that she fell asleep on the way back and I had to carry her back from the carpark.. this is what she did when her face hit the sofa once we reached home XD

Buffet dinner at the Square

I dun have any pictures of the restaurant or the food there.. here’s a single picture of the kids playing in the children play area (so adults can pig out without little rascals whining about being bored)

Waka waka

The legendary volcano slide!

Finally made it to the top!

Swimming pool

The hotel provides water guns for kids to play!

We brought our own baby float for kiki, loving inflated using papa’s breath lol

The children’s water slide where kiki had a lot of fun and many unflattering photos taken by me!

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