Interview with kiki

I saw my cousin posting this set of interview questions on Facebook and thought it would be fun to try with kiki!


What makes Mummy happy?

Kiki: Love

What makes Mummy sad?

Kiki: No love.

How tall is Mummy?

Kiki: Super tall!

What is Mummy’s favorite thing to do?

Kiki: Drawing!

What is Mummy’s favorite food?

Kiki: Spicy noodles

What is Mummy’s favorite drink?

Kiki: Coffee!

If Mummy could go anywhere, where would she go?

Kiki: Vivocity

Do you think you could live without Mummy?

Kiki: NO!

What is Mummy’s job?

Kiki: Drawing?

How old is Mummy?

Kiki: Erm.. lemme think for a minute.. (after a bit of time)… FORTY-SIX!

What is Mummy’s favorite color?

Kiki: Pink!

How much do you love Mummy?

Kiki: Ten thousand love!

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