Updates on life in 2020!

Erm.. so it’s been almost 8 months since my last post ^_^;

Circuit Breaker

So COVID-19 happened, and Singapore went into Circuit Breaker mode.. I endured gruelling hours of WFH with 3 kids at home, with the aircon breaking down during the hottest months of the year. I deserve a bloody copper medal for everything sia (precious metal medals reserved strictly for the real heroes <3)

But then I also enjoyed the CB tremendously because I get to stay at home every single day! Instead of wasting time on commuting to wherever, I was able to do a lot more drawing and sewing at home!!


Speaking of drawing, I’ve drawn a few more pastel pieces since my first Marilyn Monroe portrait X’D

My addiction to mechanical pencils with coloured leads grew somewhere in the beginning of CB.. and I also started learning how to draw using the twins’ Faber castell colour pencils just after CB ended! 其实小学生用的色铅笔也是不错的啦!


During and after the CB I also sewed a fuckload of masks.. mostly for family. This kind of thing happens when you have 3 kids – 2 of whom outgrew their original mask size within months, and third one having to change 4 to 5 masks each day because every mask she puts on her face needs to be fresh (insert roll eye emoji here)

A small fraction of the masks and pouches I sewed in the last few months.

The pouch that I sew has a tissue holder and 2 separate pockets for masks. I extended the original design to include an additional pocket on the other side and I’m rather proud of this hack X’D

Sewing is super therapeutic and I love the loud humming of my sewing machines.. <3

Also, I discovered that barbie clothes are a great and fun way to use up fabric scraps!

Barbie outfits
Custom-made wardrobe

I even made a wardrobe using a shipping box, and a pair of disposable chopsticks. Mini hangers made using craft wire.

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