So I went for a keyhole surgery on 24 September and was given one month hospitalization leave to recuperate from the surgery.

23 Sep Wed

I went to work in the morning and came home after lunch to prepare for the surgery. Had wanted to work the whole day but the nurse advised me to stay at home because the drug that clears the bowels is very effective and I should be physically near a toilet all the time.

I AM GLAD I TOOK HER ADVICE. I can totally imagine the watery sai avalanche happening while I was like, say.. walking to the bus stop, waiting for a bus, or HORROR OF HORRORS while INSIDE a bus. And I can already picture the stomp or mothership headline “Middle-aged woman unable to control bowels lets loose on board SBS bus

No, I don’t intend to be famous.

So anyway the laosai was pure torture and I did not know that the human body was capable of expelling so much liquids from the bowels within such a short span of a few hours. My bowels worked hard all the way till midnight and I went to sleep gratefully after that, fatigued from the hardship of shitting water and depressed with the knowledge that I had to wake up in 5 hours’ time..

24 Sep Thu

Because the bloody reporting time was freaking 6.30am and to add on to the sadness it was also raining, so I stood at my void deck and started singing 天空不要为我掉眼泪 ~~~

Once at the hospital, things started moving (quite fast, I would say).. before I know it, it was 8.30am and I was lying on the narrow bed in the OT, shivering from the cold (or from the fear, I may never find out). The IV insertion hurt quite a bit but it was nothing compared to the epidural injection. When someone tried to put the gas mask on my face I choked on the gas and pushed it away..

Aaaaaand… the last thing I remember from the OT was someone apologising to me about the gas mask. He probably had the last laugh though, because..


When I woke up, it was like 10.30-ish, the surgery was over and I was lying on another bed in the recovery room! It’s like magic! And I had the BEST SLEEP OF MY LIFE! A deep, dreamless sleep! I have been a poor and light sleeper all my life; my sleep is usually full of action-packed dreams (think mountain-climbing, running away from zombies in haunted house etc) so it’s quite accurate to say that I hardly get a good night’s sleep.

I vaguely remember the nurse at the recovery ward commenting on my age “you’re in your 40s! I think you look more like 30 or 31!“.. and then later she made a phone call to Fat X on when I would be pushed to my ward etc.. and then I accidentally fell asleep..

So the rest of the day was totally blissful because I was not in pain and kept falling asleep, totally not bothered by the nurses who constantly checked on me every hour. My phone was returned to me at around 3PM but I was more interested in sleeping..

The only discomfort was the IV drip, my sore and scratchy throat, and some bites on my inner lips but these were quite minor..

Pretty pink!

I spent the rest of the day sleeping and generally chilling.. thankfully I did not experience any giddiness, nausea, or vomiting and was able to have some porridge and fruits for dinner! Because I was so hungry, I already drank soy milk and ate a tub of tau huay before that ^_^;

The pain was very mild compared to a cesarean and I was able to get up from the bed and walk around the room on my own.

25 Sep Fri

After a yummy breakfast, I felt energised enough to start drawing! The nurses were so amused by my colour mechanical pencils X’D

Girl 1
Girl 2

I finished reading Code Name Helene with a broken heart and told myself to do a fanart of Nancy Wake someday. Seriously, she’s freaking awesome!

Fatty X brought me home at around 5pm

26 Sep Sat

The horrible back pain started today.. #想死

I spent most of the day in bed.

Drawn with Miao’s coloured pencils

27 Sep Sun

Wanted to go out for lunch but decided to stay home instead.

WISE CHOICE. Read on a while more to find out why.

Weird girl

So I was playing with Miao’s colour pencils again. Did a fucked up job on the cheeks and did not want to waste my work on the eyes (I always start with the eyes).. so I made the cheeks into some kind of tribal stripes gone wrong.

At this moment I was already damned sian.. but I cannot be so evil and let her be a botak right? So I braved on and started colouring her hair in a unique combination of greens and yellow!

Yes she looks damned 奇怪 but I secretly love this look!

28 Sep Mon

All the kids are back in school!!! Yay!!! Full of confidence, I went to NTUC with my helper today. Although I didn’t carry anything heavy (we brought a trolley), the backache intensified on the way home. At one point it got so bad that my whole body started to ache and I started to feel cold and worried about fainting on the road side.

Thankfully I managed to make my way home safely.

Immediately went to shower and lie in bed. Accidentally (but happily) fell asleep.. woke up to cook a random lunch and KO again after that. Accidental naps are the BEST!

Chapalang 麻油姜 noodle soup

29 Sep Tue

Today I decided to draw a picture for 中秋节!


This woman took me almost six hours to complete and I developed an epic backache from sitting for so many hours. So I spent the rest of the afternoon lying in bed

My loot from hospital stay!

Solid shampoo and conditioner from Skincare Co AND kakuno fountain pens from Qoo10 arrived today!!

Also, I removed the dressings today and it was quite eventful. The belly button one was ok, it was dry and I couldn’t see the wound at all (quite possibly hidden by my layers of tummy fats). The other two wounds? Not so lucky!

Because the compression bandage was so sticky, I accidentally split open the skin while removing the bandages. The cut on my cesarean scar started to bleed and took some time to stop. By then I started to freak out and had fainting spells in the bathroom. In the end I before I felt strong enough to stand up and shower. #吓死人

30 Sep Wed

My loot from the weekend!

Happy to receive my loot from overjoyed today!! Bought 2 preppy fountain pens for the twins, a Sailor Fude for myself, a pencil sharpener (yes, I do not need another sharpener but it doesn’t hurt to have a few backups in case all my sharpeners go missing or get broken etc), and a box of colour pencils in portrait shades!

Did nothing today but eat, sleep, shit. The back pain is still there and the wounds are itching so much TuT

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