Mini break week 2

1 Oct Thu

Kiki suddenly developed a fever after dinner and I had no choice but to feed her paracetamol that was prescribed in May. Luckily, the near-expired paracetamol managed to bring down her fever.

2 Oct Fri

Brought Kiki to the doctor in the morning and she was issued with a 5-day SHN (Stay Home Notice) because she was having fever, flu, cough etc. I am praying that it doesn’t spread to me. (Spoiler alert: prayers did not work at all)

Cute baby fell asleep outside my bedroom door

3 Oct Sat

She was really restless at home so I had to think of stuff to entertain her, and let’s be frank here, as well as myself.

Tada! The upside-down face!
Upside down face with funky hair!
A fun way to test out my coloured pencils

4 Oct Sun

Went out for a quick lunch with fat X because 1. Kiki was on SHN and 2. The twins wanted to stay home and play!

Matching masks!!

5 Oct Mon

Started waking up at night from pain in my throat. Omg >_<

Struggling to finish “Rose Under Fire”. It’s quite crappy compared to “Code Name Verity”, which is one of my favourite WW2 books.

6 Oct Tue

My sore throat seems to be getting worse and voice has also become more nasal and sexy. Kiki asks me to refrain from touching her because I might “infect her with the virus”.. I pinched her cheek and reminded her that she was the one who spread the virus to me.

7 Oct Wed

6 Oct chick’s face reflects my feelings accurately.

Finally went to see doctor and was given 5 days MC with SHN for the flu and sore throat.. really leh.. I’m already on hospitalization leave but now have an additional MC slapped on top of it. 我究竟是。。。 ╮(╯_╰)╭

The flu makes me tired and permanently sleepy even when I’m not taking medication. So that’s a good thing cos I get to take 2 good naps a day now.

Also, I finally finished “Rose Under Fire”. I think it was totally disrespectful of the author to make Maddie say “Julie would have died there.”, even though Julie is just a fictional character. Bleh. Anyway I’ve moved on to a new book “The Alice Network”. And yes, I’m back to WW2 spy stories!! Code Name Helene was such an enjoyable read, I need a few more good WW2 books!

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