Mini break week 3


Recovering from the flu and throat inflammation. Haven’t been sleeping well. A close uncle suddenly passed away on 10 Oct and we are all trying to come to terms with it. 人生无常 :'(

Been feeling very tired, like dry eyes, whole body feeling heavy etc.. and I haven’t done any exercise at all, 都不知道为什么酱累 ^_^;

Also, I went to do an allergy blood test and got 0 for everything. Therefore, the mystery of what triggered my swollen eyes, swollen lips, swollen ears, itchy skin etc shall remain unsolved 🙁

Shopping (tee hee)

24 PC Polychromos and 8 tombow irojiten coloured pencils!

I finally bought the Faber castell polychromos!! Didn’t have enough money to splurge on the irojiten box sets so I randomly picked a few colours to try out. Spoiler: they’re not as nice to use (blend) as the polychromos lol. Some of the colours I picked are too light


Finished “The Alice Network” and it was awesome!! The ending was very satisfying and I liked that the side characters were based on actual persons and real events, although it’s heartbreaking to know that some of the events really happened. For e.g. the Oradour-sur-Glane massacre :'(


Have not touched these pencils in a while 🙂
We all know that these pilot eno are still my favourite <3
My favourite drawing so far!! Ribbon and rainbow by kiki <3
Testing out the Polychromos!

Stupid me forgot to check the colour chart for my 24 set. The 24 set doesn’t come with the skin base colour so I had to use one from the Koh I-Noor portrait set. Looks like I need to get some loose Polychromos pencils!

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