Goodbye 2020

We have finally come to the last week of 2020, here are my personal reflections..

WFH with 3 kids

Warning: this turned out to be quite a rant

The biggest challenge this year was having to work from home with 3 kids during the Circuit Breaker (CB) period. Unlike others who had the luxury of “learning from home” at their own sweet pace, my team was actually rushing for a product launch. Besides actually doing the work I am paid to do, I had to 1) manage the twins home-based learning (be their IT support, slap them when they’re chatting or watching twitch instead of the teacher etc etc), 2) entertain the preschooler (this is a full time job imho *crazy laughter*), 3) stock the pantry with enough fruits and snacks every few days (because there is a reason why Fat X refers to the kids as LOCUSTS), 4) do meal planning and ensure that we have the ingredients to cook planned meals (praise the domestic helper, I did not have to cook. Working mothers who cook and bake during CB are true goddesses and have utmost respect and admiration!), 5) cry because redmart has no more delivery slots, the queue to go into ntuc is 10metres long, the shelves on Giant are empty and I HAVE TO FEED SIX HUMAN BEINGS!, 6) smile when I realize some eateries are open for takeaway and small grocers are offering deliveries for vegetables and stuff!


I know many people hate 2020 but it has been a mostly good year for me. The CB has unlocked so many precious hours for me to draw and sew. I even made some cute earrings after a long long break from jewellery making.

Unfortunately my biggest gains this year are my weight and dress size! Lack of exercise plus daily dalgona during the CB period finally took its toll on my slim physique and I gained a whopping 5% fat this year ( ゚Д゚)


Sadly, one close relative and two dear friends at work did not make it to the end of 2020. All of them passed on suddenly, leaving us bewildered and in deep shocking pain ρ(・・、)


So goodbye 2020.. it’s been a most weird year but thank you for everything!

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