cesarean or natural birth? it’s a personal choice

so stop piling on the guilt on mothers who chose to go for cesarean.

going through the pregnancy is a big sacrifice for any woman – nausea and vomitting is a big issue for people who love eating, being fat and bloated is a big issue for people who love their toned abs, being hot and sweaty all the time is a big issue for peasants like me who need to get around using public transport (this means eco-friendly* buses and trains), being wrinkly in the tummy is a big issue for exhibitionists who enjoy prancing around in bikinis etc etc.. so a mother really does not need to prove her love further by having a natural birth sans pain-relieving options.

the vagina is hers, let her decide if she wants it to be cut. the cut will definitely heal faster than a nasty cesarean wound, but if you have the urge to move your bowels on the second or third day after giving birth, then you know which is the better option.

p/s: i was grinning ear-to-ear while taking a dump 2 days after delivering my twins via c-section.

*eco-friendly trains: when i went to Tokyo last summer, i was pleasantly-surprised by the amount of effort put in by shops/subway stations/trains in conserving energy. for a city with  summer temperatures hitting 37 degrees celsius, it is heart-warming to see people putting up with minimum air-conditioning for the sake of conserving energy. back in singapore, the island with temperate climate indoors and tropical climate outdoors, i realize that the only eco-friendly companies are the transport companies (actually it’s only SMRT). so far, i have only encountered eco-friendly SMRT trains and buses >m<

One comment on “cesarean or natural birth? it’s a personal choice

  1. Kum on said:

    I can totally understand. It felt AO bad when some declared that they did it the natural way! Remember about the ‘float’ story? And I felt like a failure…TnT. I hope ladies out there feel empowered to choose what they want and how they want. No bikini in future? Well the tummy is so saggy and wrinkled you can’t see the scar anyway!