my week in pictures

omfgz you mean another week has passed?!



bevlyn khoo‘s latest album came in the mail! i love it!! 这是一张用心制作,而且没有什么商业味道的专辑。the best thing is, it includes one of my favourite songs (来信) written by her more than ten years ago!



i wrote down the list of nail polish that i wanted to get for myself as a birthday treat. but obviously i cannot wait till august to get them so these babies arrived a few months early X’D



i also organized my nail polish as it was getting increasingly frustrating to search into the paper boxes i thrifted.

the plastic drawers were purchased, dividers were DIY-ed using packing material from mini men’s pyjamas, labels were printed out on A4 paper, cut out and secured to each bottle cap using trusty old scotch tape. yes, you have a right to be disgusted at me. i am unemployed and i don’t cook or do housework, that’s why i have time to do all these 😛

obviously i did these when mupig was napping lah..


my shoe cabinet also looked like shit.. so i had to do something about it as well..


replaced the mess with a stack of plastic drawers. plastic drawers are fast becoming my BFF :’D


finally applied the stickers from my lovely sis-in-law to the pink wall in the boys’ bedroom! i think the monkeys and pirates theme totally match my monkey kids and i also have a lion’s mane :’D


i made dinner for the family because i thought i should try to be a bit more virtuous maybe once a week (or a month?)?

the boys savoured my aesthetically-challenged dinner and that made me happy :’)


i just lost my appetite looking at this picture..

mini men


besides aspiring to be a bus driver, forklift operator, my kids also aspire to be barbers.. :’D


this week, i went through mupig’s homework with him and guided him on this assignment. he chose to draw mummy too!! 我好开心!但是有一个人很伤心。。

anyway his “mummy” has two eyes, some hair, and a big mouth. i would say it bears some resemblance to me.. especially the big-small eyes.. HAHA!

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