things i absolutely hate about sewing

although i love sewing, there are some things that really make me go ARGHHHHH~ when i am sewing..

  1. running out of bobbin thread just when you are like a few stitches away from completing an item, especially when it is a row of top-stitching.
  2. having to unpick a neat row of top-stitching because of 1)
  3. having to unpick for whatever reason
  4. the machine breaking down when you’re halfway done, or worse, when you’re almost done.
  5. running out of thread in the middle of a project when it’s 3am in the morning
  6. using pins. pins. pins. especially those that end up poking through your skin. ouch.

these are just some of the thing that actually happened to me in this week.

oh man, what a week!

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