someone who made me roll my eyes

today i was waiting for the MRT with mr mupig when he kept asking me about this poster that was telling commuters to stand behind the lines and not directly in front of the doors.

because if everyone at the platform were to cluster-fuck around the doors then commuters inside the train would have some problems getting out. simple enough for a three-year old to understand.

just after i finished explaining to him, an ah soh in her fifties walked straight to the doors and stood there while she waited for the train. the observant mupig immediately pointed at her and asked me “妈咪!那个人在做什么?可以站在那边吗?” (mummy, what is that person doing? is it right to stand over there?). he did so in his usual signature loud voice, so naturally she heard him loud and clear (>m<)

my embarrassment immediately vanished when the thick-skinned auntie looked at mupig and told him “哈哈哈,小孩子不可以,大人可以!” (hahaha, kids are not allowed to do this, but when an adult does this, it is perfectly fine.)


i hope she does not have any contact with young children and pass on the wrong values to them. some things can take decades to unlearn.

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