arachnoid cyst :: MRI scan comparisons

finally managed to snap two photos off the doctor’s monitor *dances*

in each comparison, the scan on the left was taken last Nov, the scan on the right taken on 30 April this year (post-surgery MRI). all images are mirror-images of the actual brain, meaning the cyst is on the right of the head although it shows up as a white mass on the left in the scans.


The scan on the left freaked the shit out of me last year. i was alone with mupig when dr low (the neurosurgeon) came in to break the news to me. after highlighting all the scary bits, he finally told me he would come back again when tb was around because this was something so major, it would be good to have both parents around. yes, if your child’s right brain resembles a strip of bacon, i suppose that is quite major.

anyway, from the scan on the right, it’s pretty obvious that the right brain has expanded by a bit (^^). also, the grayish shadows within the main cyst shows that there is some movement of fluid within the cyst and the cyst pressure has reduced :’D


the cyst in the scan on the left is a very saturated white. this indicates that the fluid is very stagnant and the cyst is under high pressure.

on the other hand, the scan on the right shows some grayish shadows in the main cyst. also, note that the midline is slowly shifting back to where it should be *yayness*

dr low seems to be satisfied with mupig’s condition and says mupig will not need another MRI in the next six months X’D <– shedding tears of joy because each MRI will cost me at least $1,800.

meanwhile, mupig still has to follow-up with his ophthalmologist (fancy word for eye doctor)  and neurologist (fancy word for brain doctor).


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