this May be the shittiest month ever!

yes, when i say shitty you better believe me.

in early May, we admitted mupig for his MRI.

a few days after his discharge, my fil, who was experiencing weakness on the right side of his body for more than a week, finally agreed to have a check at the hospital. his MRI scared the shit out of the doctors at a certain hospital and they had to transfer him to another hospital for treatment. his brain was bleeding so badly that a pool of blood had accumulated on the left of the skull and was compressing on his left brain. in tb’s words, it was like mupig’s MRI scan but the fluid was actually blood. scary shit.

so he was hospitalised for more than a week. thankfully, he regained his strength very quickly after the surgery and did not require any physiotherapy.

with mupig back in school, i thought i could live it up like a regular woman and finally start going for facials. so i happily booked my first facial in more than a year and totally enjoyed the session. on my way home, the GP’s clinic called me. dai ji dua diao liao.

my mum’s blood test report showed very bad liver inflammation and i was instructed to bring her to a hospital ASAP.

so i ended up at the hospital again. TuT

although the doctor discharged my mum after a 5-day stay in the hospital, they still couldn’t find the cause of her inflammation. she will probably take weeks or months to recover from this but at least she appears alert and well and is responding well to mahjong therapy*.

i am going to believe in the theory of 1-2-3 stop! when bad things happen, they stop at 3.

so this is the end of my “hospital month”.

*mahjong therapy: it is believed to have helped with my mum’s condition because daily blood tests at the hospital showed no improvement even after medication. however, after a few sessions of mahjong post-hospitalization, her blood readings have been consistently improving. mahjong therapy ftw!


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