a new beginning

it has been more than a week since we left the hospital.

when i tried to log in to my blog, i was a bit surprised to find a script error on the main page. i tried to access the wordpress login and was faced with the same script error.

puzzled but feeling confident that i could do some php debugging, i then logged in to the cpanel and didn’t find anything wrong (mainly because i know next to nothing about php). but when i clicked on the list of databases, a greater surprise greeted me.

my database was now 0 bytes.


i was so disturbed that i couldn’t sleep.

i don’t blog for a living and this blog is definitely not my everything. but whenever i think of all the memories i so painstakingly put down into words over the last ten freaking years, i can’t help but feel a little sorry for myself.

records of adventures with imaginary friend — GONE.

photos and stories on travels with neo sister — GONE.

documentation on my first pregnancy — GONE.

my birth story — GONE.

all the cute things that mini men said — GONE.

pictures of things i’ve sewn and given away — GONE.

my private blog posts — ALL GONE!

well, shit happens. heh.

i discovered this shit on the 21st and the oldest archive the hosting company had was on the 19th. so i figure that there was really nothing we could do to restore the data.

so i just requested for the whole webhosting account to be reset (>m<)

i shall just treat this as a golden opportunity to start afresh..

じゃあ~ 今からも、よろしくね!

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