twin pants

i cut the fabrics for these pants a few weeks ago and left the grey pair unfinished for more than a week. (stopped working on it when mupig started having his persistent fever last weekend. it’s been more than a week and he is still burning warmly as i type. i really pray that his fever would go away soon.)

so this afternoon i finally hemmed the pants and finished up the elastic casing. annnnnnd… i also finished sewing up the second pair. sewing is fast, it’s the tracing of patterns and cutting of fabrics and procrastination that takes a lot of time.. sigh…

behold the KX Twin Pants! my girlfriends used to joke about the “KX Twin Jeans” because i used to buy two pairs of identical jeans each time i went shopping. don’t ask me why i needed identical jeans.

anyway, these are real twin pants because they are meant for twins.

the pattern is from 子供服ソーイング LESSON BOOK. i bought it from Kinokuniya after reading the review here. (awesome book, btw, faster go and buy it.)

i was feeling adventurous and decided to use a bright red thread. this means i had to ensure that all my stitches are extra neat. well, i think most are neat.. >m<

of course i made many mistakes while sewing up the first pair of pants and had to unpick many many times. however, i was too tired to unpick the waistband because when i realized that i had sewn the whole thing upside-down, the pants were already completed :’D

so for the grey pants, its opening for changing elastics is positioned on the outside of the waistband instead of hidden from public view. how nice.

learned from my mistake and so for the blue pants, the opening for changing elastics is on the inside.

actually it’s not that obvious right? RIGHT.

my favourite design element — fake fly!

i try to keep the inside as neat as i can.. without an overlocking machine, the zigzag stitch is my BFF..

oh and in case you’re wondering why the waistband for the blue pants is grey, it’s because i forgot to cut out the waist band and used the leftover blue fabric to make myself the pair of shorts below X’D

these shorts are super comfortable and match my kids’ new pants, what’s not to like?

you see? even got side-seam pockets with floral print inside.. nice right?

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